Apple Music Classic launching soon

Apple is launching a new music streaming service focused on classical music. Based on its 2021 acquisition of Amsterdam-based streamer Primephonic, the new Apple Music Classical app will offer Apple Music subscribers access to over 5 million classical music tracks, including new releases in high-quality audio, as well as hundreds of curated playlists, thousands of exclusive albums, and other features like composer bios and deep dives on key works, Apple says.


Thanks, yes I just saw today… Anyway I’m waiting for jazz, especially in dolby atmos…

Would Naim be able to integrate the Apple classical app so can play directly in the claimed hi res for this ?

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No, any more than the current apple music. Apple does not want mere mortals accessing their music from anything other than apple devices.

Appears Apple Music Classical is incoming


Naim integration with Apple getting closer?

I use Roon with Qobuz and am perfectly happy with it. I think it will snow in hell before Apple opens an API for Roon integration, so this is a non-starter for me.

Further it’s iPhone only (i.e. not iPadOS app). I’m out (or rather not in to begin with).


Actually, I checked last night, and the app actually is visible in the iPadOS App Store.
It looks confusing, because each version of the app states it only works on iPhone/iPad respectively.
I couldn’t not imagine any reason for Apple in doing so - an those “we need news fast guys” haven’t seen the working app either yet, I guess.

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Suppose we need to wait for it to be seen in the wild as it were. 28 Mar 23 is date I saw posted on store. Personally I’m not seeing any big disruptor type capability that would encourage folks to change from their current streaming provider. Also as alluded to by @JosquinDesPrez no hints on Apple loosening grip on their API to allow better integration by others. Sonos notwithstanding.

There’s already a thread on this going

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It will have all the same trappings as regular Apple Music, no native integration (Sonos being the exception most likely) only hires and have bit perfect rate switching from an iPhone connected to a DAC, AirPlay 2 limited to AAC.

Roons CEO did mention recently in a live stream that they have been actively talking to Apple about integrating and had some positive reactions but that they had a very difficult technical challenge to overcome that Apple won’t relent on. So it might or might not happen there. Some how I doubt it.

Yes I thought as much. Though it could cause some to subscribe believing that they can play higher res without additional equipment. I’ll stick with qobuz for my classical streaming even though their purchased hi res downloads have caused me a few issues with the tar files.

i believe you can stream hyperion on apple music - it would be a big plus for me if there were a way to stream on naim. but perhaps with change of ownership that will happen anyway - one can dream.

What change of ownership?

I do find these restrictions confusing, Apple allows Google Home devices to stream from Apple Music as a service and Sonos has announced support for Apple spatial audio so why not Naim, Auralic etc

You can stream it via lossy Airplay.

Having the Hyperion albums on Qobuz and other streaming service is now a matter of time I think.


Ah! Now I understand. Thanks.

Oh! I do wish I’d not read that. Hyperion Records is surely one of the shining jewels of the U.K. recording industry. From the utterly magical Feather on the Breath of God, through the recording of Vaughan Williams’ Serenade to Music in the original version with sixteen star soloists to Graham Johnson as pianist in the complete Schubert Lieder, and so, so much more that is IMO irreplaceable, Hyperion are unique. Ted Perry must be spinning in his grave. Perhaps Universal will allow the label to continue on its unique path for a while, but my hopes are not high.

And to come in the same week as the Beeb’s announcement that they are axing the matchless BBC Singers after 99 years! Time to put on Tallis’ Lamentations of Jeremiah, perhaps?



There are people working on solutions for macOS. Connect the mac USB-port to the USB-input on your DAC. Then install LosslessSwitcher. Last I tried it there was a small lag in the switching but it is still beta. This app tries to do it by reading the log files from Apple Music.

LosslessSwitcher switches your current audio device’s sample rate to match the currently playing lossless song on your Apple Music app, automatically. Let’s say if the next song that you are playing, is a Hi-Res Lossless track with a sample rate of 192kHz, LosslessSwitcher will switch your device to that sample rate as soon as possible. The opposite happens, when the next track happens to have a lower sample rate.