Apple Music hi res lossless & Uniti Atom

Hello, looking for some help here!

I have been trying to make Apple Music Hi Res Lossless work by connecting my MacBook Air (tried IPad pro too) to Uniti Atom via USB C > USB C to SPDIF converter > digital coax in on Atom to no avail. I think my main problem is I can’t see Atom as an output device on MacBook to send my music to. What am I missing here?

I have turned on the lossless hi res settings on Apple Music and also tried to select all 3 digital input sources on Atom but it keeps saying no signal. I am not using a USB camera adaptor just a usb c to usb c cable. Other info: I have my Atom connected to my Focal chora and a Rel t7x.

Pls help. This has been driving me bonkers!

Please see this:

Have you checked that your sound output settings are correct in Audio Midi, and in the Sounds section of System Preferences?

Yeah so I can only see MacBook Air or Atom (airplay) there as options in sounds settings and Audio midi both. That’s the issue. If I select MacBook it plays through MacBook speakers and if I select atom it goes through AirPlay. How do I get it to go through USB-SPDIF and dig coax setup?

Thanks Simon. This post doesn’t really solve my issue.

I am using a similar setup as the one mentioned here (i am not using camera adaptor but usb c to usb c and not using topping but a different usb c to spdif converter).

Could either of that be contributing to my problem? (I don’t think so but happy to be corrected :blush: )

I suspect your problem lies in the USB-C connection……

Thanks. Let me try a different cable.

Success! Changing of cables (from USB A > rather than C > C) worked! Thank you!

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Now I just need some good hi res loss less album recommendations :grinning:

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