Apple Music HiFi Tier incoming?

Interesting, yes, a hi-res setup that works like Roon that can also access a NAS etc would be great.

Ah, true, you got me there. I should have written “relevant from technical or innovation perspective”.
By power of size, platform, default offering on Apple devices (and for a long time the only service available e.g. on their streaming boxes) and (latest development) bundling into Apple “One” (?), they will make it sufficiently successful, to keep part of their own user base away from competition.
And, as written, for most mobile application with speaker phones, small bluetooth phones or mobile head phones… likely good enough.

I personally are strong into their HW/OS, but I walk past their service offerings so far - maybe nicely integrated, but they close them too much, limit them - and earn enough money already. (And though I’m kind of locked-in, I like to pretend, that at least my data and services are on cross-platform services, so I could switch, if I wanted.)
So, I stopped buying music with Apple (moving e.g. to bandcamp), and when I finally started streaming, went to Qobuz (which my Nova likes :wink: ).

PS: True, the “LP” was another of their experiments, which they trashed.


I’m struggling to envisage Apple supporting something like a NAS (unless they start marking the Apple NAS)! I think whatever form a HiFi offering may take, it will be Apple centric apart from providing AirPlay to your chosen endpoint.

Who knows, until anything lands, it is vapourware!

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The limit to “hi-fi” is by design (and maybe to still support older HW models; already AirPlay 1 could to this, and those devices are on the market for more than a decade). Given, the video part supports 4K + surround sound, it would be likely a pure spec/SW update on the phones and e.g. Apple-TV devices or Macs to support HiRes. Though getting plausible use cases with the current HW is limited… no optical/digital out anywhere any more (only HDMI), the inbuilt-DACs likely don’t support it, … - they could implement it for the benefits of the Naims and others of the world.
OR they would have to expand their HW - like showing off, that any “Pro” headset can now do better than AAC. (If they believe, this expands/supports their market. So far, seemingly people don’t think it’s needed.)

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There is no way they will not do hifi streaming. They would be mad not to. I am surprised it has taken this long to be honest.
I use Apple Music via airplay all the time on my Atom. I can walk in the house and say “Hey Siri, play some music on the Atom” and within 5 seconds it’s playing a playlist full of new music I might like. I use it to discover new music. If I like it, it goes in the library if I still like it in two weeks then I order the CD, rip it and store it on the Hard drive I have plugged in.
We also have Home-pods and the kids love using them as they can just ask it to play something. I use airplay to multi room with the Atom and the home-pods and it works flawlessly every time. I am fully in the Apple ecosystem and have no intention of leaving. Every time I open a windows pc, the barrage of adverts reminds me why.
Plus I can edit 4K drone footage on my iPad as smooth as butter, then airdrop it, or airplay it to the TV to watch it. All too convenient to give up. I know you can do it on other devices but the flow across different platforms NEVER works as well.


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Link to article regarding potential new Apple Music streaming service. Gives some clues/thinking on how it might or might not work with existing Apple products. Not sure how it will integrate with Naim app, maybe something for Naim folks to comment on.


I honestly don’t have any idea what you’re talking about here.


My son has to have a windows laptop for school. When I use it there always seems to be ads popping up and things opening that I didn’t open. I just googled “windows ads pop up”. Looks like there’s no shortage of posts regarding it. Looks like I have to disable some stuff. Having had macs now for over 10 years I have never had to turn anything like that off.

That is true - those rumors show up before WWDC every year.

What else is he doing with that laptop? It sounds like he’s got some adware or malware installed on it. A decent antivirus program and steering clear of dodgy sites means I have no such problems.

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I agree. Win10 user here and no ad pop ups. Only ads are banner on the msn page, no pop ups at all.

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All good I found something. Still shouldn’t have to.

LOL. I clicked on your link on my ipad, to check out those settings and

I got a pop up ad to subscribe to the site.

Airplay is restricted to Apple devices so that was my point. There are more android users and other os that people use. It’s locked in for this reason. Also airplay is hardly the best transport and is limited to 16/44.1.

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Yes, natively restricted to Apple gadgets (although I believe there are Android apps that can provide AirPlay functionality). Still, Apple have sold quite a few devices, so very much a point to them providing a HiFi tier, though I accept it is only of tangential interest to Android users…

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It does work on Android but Chromecast in hifi is still fairly limited but its growing. If they opened it up to have something akin to connect so you get feature parity across devices and supply an API rather than rely on other delivery transports.

There is Chromecast as you say, but (and I have just had to Google this as I couldn’t remember the name), there is an app called Airmusic that will work with AirPlay endpoints from an Android devices… no idea how reliable it is.

Airmusic article

You know that Naim support Airplay 2 right? That Apple is closed is a myth to a large degree. At the same time Apple goes after the user experience and you can do much more if you control 100% - especially if more commonly used alternatives have drawbacks (you may compare here with Naim and DIN-connectors).

Its just business - you want to sell more new iPhones you meet peoples demands. And its normally better photos. I dont know if I have ever heard any apple-user complain on the AAC256 compression they seem to use today. Except tech-nerds.


Jan it’s the same thing, still no hires limited to Apple’s Eco system it might have improved sonically but other than it being a bit more stable it’s the same limitations as Airplay.

They don’t work well at all and often requiring rooting the device and invalidating warranties.