Apple Music HiFi Tier incoming?

Would the cable linked below allow me to pull lossless Apple Music off my iPad Air (M1 version with USB C)?

Thanks in advance for any clarification!

You still need a DAC on the end of it that supports USB input

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Can you not just run optical to the Nova or are the devices in different rooms? Doubt it would beat the Nova’s DAC.

Not convinced by the Topping with an iPhone/iPad but I got bored quickly with trailing leads and variable rather than fixed volume from the Apple devices. I keep intending to try it again.

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£75 ffs Apple!

I’m sure it would allow you to output audio via USB with an attached DAC, but it may be a faff. How does Airplay sound despite it being lossy from Apple Music currently?

Also probably depends on which Topping model as there are several.

I’m sure it’s good value for what it is (D10s), but I was trying to use it as an SPDIF bridge using an iOS device and optical from Topping to the Nova’s optical in.

The Sky Box and BluRay and one speaker are on one side of the French windows and the Nova, other speaker, CD player and turntable are on the other side on the French window .

The DAC function is currently done by my little UnitiQute , and I will need a bit of space of the AV rack to accommodate another box for my BluRays . This photo is a little old .

The UnitiQute will go into storage , I also have a Naim CD3 player and I think at some stage they could be paired up and create a smaller system.

I would love to feed the Nova directly from the Pioneer , but that would mean a plethora of wires

I think you could easily run an optical cable of 4-5m between the Pioneer and the Nova running under that entrance mat as leave curvature might match what we can already see - personally though take advice from the boss coming through the door :laughing:

Possibly the same for the Sky box with analogue or optical?

Am I missing something? If the bottom left box is the UnitiQute, won’t that go on the right side rack if you want to keep it and link to that rather than the Nova?

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I am also storing BluRays in the rack and they are encroaching , the photo is a couple of years old .

Trying to keep things simple as possible and as clutter free as possible . I have a smaller Sky Box and the DAC will need to go on the middle shelf . It may be an ifi Zen Signature 1

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Whatever works I guess - just look at my current speakers :laughing:

AirPlay is still pretty good… I am mulling exchanging my Atom and speakers for an Atom HE and suitable headphones… I suspect the disparity between AirPlay and full CD quality (or hi res) would be more apparent with the latter… I understand the HE would not accept USB input, making Qobuz an obvious preferred source via the Naim app… thing is, I would like to drop Qobuz and just use Apple Music (all the family use Apple Music, only I use Qobuz).
Just trying to navigate my options and, to be frank, minimise subscription costs!
It’s a minefield out there!