„Apple Music“ in the Presets

Does anyone have any idea how I can save “Apple Music” on my NAIM app in the presets? I am streaming via a Naim Muso 2.
Who can help me?

Hi there, and welcome to the Forums!

Sadly, Apple don’t make that option available to our (or any) developers - they like to keep everything running through their own Apps!
Your Mu-so 2nd Generation supports Apple AirPlay 2, so that’s your best option to connect - via the Apple Music App, on device or desktop.

Mine, as of a recent update I think, now shows the artist info, whereas before the Atom display read “Airplay.” That is very cool. And airplay is awesome to work with anyway. It even shows both my Naim’s (Atom and Qb) and allows their individual volume adjustment.

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A different post mentioned Apple Hi-res? That’d be exciting. And my Nova is supposed to ship tomorrow! I hope it’s a good smooth week there in…is it Wiltshire?

The weather is rather wild and windy here in Wiltshire, but all’s fine in the Naim factory :slight_smile:

Re Apple ‘high-res’ - i’ve lost count of the rumours on that over the years. More likely that Apple - along with other streaming services - will be thinking of ways to compete with the upcoming launch of Spotify Hi-Fi. So ‘high-res’ may simply mean CD quality across the board…


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