Apple music verses Naim Radio

Indeed, chances are you will never need to add a URL yourself. It was useful for adding FLAC stations, but now that they appear in the iRadio input there’s no need for that any more.

Steve this is a really helpful article which I stumbled across. Although a couple of BBC radio stations were pinned to the presets I was not aware that there was all this neatly categorised World of radio, even if some of the categories are obtuse.

There is nothing in the instruction pack that comes with the streamer to explain this. There is an expensively produced booklet which basically has no useful information in it.

Could Naim produce some podcasts for example on such matters. Many of us would be interested to know how the equipment works, particularly the more complicated streamers as opposed to amps. The number of samples maybe important to quality, but so is the accuracy with which is the time intervals are reproduced. Yet we seem to be in a battle of the bits.

And regarding podcasts, it’s a shame they seem to have to be at least 24 hours old.

I can use BBC Sounds to listen to something that was on earlier today and chrome cast that. But my NDX2 seems really to struggle, and maybe not work at all, if I try to pause live play and then scrub back and forward. If there was an article explaining what the machine was actually doing it might help us understand. But hopefully this sort of functionality, which is standard on other devices, would be possible soon in some way. Similarily, if using the OLED TV as a source via an optical connection, scrubbing through a transmission shifted by say half an hour seems to cause chaos but works fine if you stream something that has finished transmitting.

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