Apple Music vs Qobuz

I currently have subscriptions to both as I work out which one sounds best in my set up.

Currently, it’s quite easily Qobuz for 2channel. The only advantage of AM is there are lots of surround mixes I’m able to enjoy through my AVamp & 5.1 set up.

I didn’t think 2ch Apple vs Qobuz would be so one sided in favour of the latter.

Is this something to do with any of the following?

a) I’m accessing AM via an Apple TV 4K connected to my Denon 3700, which sends the 2ch from its pre outs to my Nova.

b) the Nova’s streamer is vastly superior to the AT4K?

Stereo two channel Apple Music streams sound almost muted and recessed compared to Qobuz. There’s also a distinctive left channel emphasis which is concerning me (the pre outs of the Denon? Or maybe my interconnects?)

Both most likely.

Apple TV will resample all output to 48khz for two channel audio and likely not the best kit to do it. The Denon is likely not the best pre for 2channel music either. If I use my Arcam to output via preouts to my Atom it sounds crap for stereo music from Nvidia shield or my TV.

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That seems to explain my experience. Thanks.

Also you would not be able to use AM on the Innuos which would be a waste not to use it for streaming.

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