Apple Spatial Audio -> DDsurround?

So, I’m trialling Apple Music, alongside my longstanding Qobuz subscription, as I’ve added an AV amp and centre, rear speakers (Denon AVC 3700H) to my Nova 2.1 set up.

I’m listening to Spatial Audio via Airplay2 and using my iPhone or iPad to control/access Apple Music. My AV amp allows for various sound options when streaming this way, and Dolby Digital & Dolby Digital Surround offer a 5.1 mix of the various so called Spatial Audio albums.

So is Apple’s labelling of such content as Dolby Atmos being transcoded (?) by amp to Dolby Digital Surround? The mixes, at least some, (Der Catalog by Kraftwerk) are stunning and seem a very economical way to access surround content.

Secondly, if I enable both Denon AV and Naim Nova on my iPad when using Airplay what is happening to the sound? Stereo from the 2.1 connected to the Nova simultaneously alongside the speakers connected to the Denon?

Re-reading the above sounds rather convoluted but could anyone untangle my questions and queries please?

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