Apple TV 4K + NDX2 for the win!

Being a two channel guy, I’ve been looking for a solution for sound for the TV and had finally settled on a sound bar last year. Optical out from the TV was the best solution before then - but the sound delay was not something I could get around. Also didn’t want to do an AV receiver with AV Bypass since didn’t trust the av receiver to do any good to the amp. In addition when I had played around with a marantz into a uq2, the uq2 straight up actually was better!

Tried the Apple TV 4K with AirPlay into the NDX2 - and no delay! And, allows me to use the 282/250 with speakers and a REL woofer too boot!

Simple! And the totem speakers do a great job of imaging - don’t need a center channel!

So - saved the money and hassle of an AV receiver!

The NDX2 was purchased mostly as a Unitocore endpoint - but more and more it’s being used by the kids with Spotify - and now tv duties. Hey - as long as it gets used I’m happy - since it’s powered on all the time anyway!

This system is NDX2/XPSdr/282/250 into Totem Sugnature Ones and Rel subwoofer in a fairly large room.

The 500 system has moved to a smaller room with the kudos 606s - the delicate sound of the big system is wasted on the big room!

This echoes the other recent thread (that is now closed)


Being feeding the TV :tv: signal into the audio since the 1980s and I can’t imagine it without it . Used to feed my PlayStation in as well, the sound of Lara Croft’s screams and Uzis used to give enormous pleasure

It’s the sports these days , and you really do hear an awful lot

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I run my tv through my 282’s AV bypass into a reasonably good Marantz receiver. How can this hurt my 250? Also, would the sound be better through the NDX2? As I said, my Marantz receiver is a reasonably good one.

i meant - would be concerned with ground loop issues etc.
@LuckyLarue - what amp are you using? I was thinking of a basic Marantz receiver too -
i figured I’ll connect various HDMI devices to it, and hook it up to the TV, and use it’s preamp out into 282’s AV bypass.

It’s a Marantz 6008 receiver. Movies and tv shows sound pretty good through it, but I’d appreciate knowing it somehow using the NDX2 would be even better.

I should add that I had a helluva hum issue at first, but it turned out there was a grounding issue which completely resolved it.

If you have an Apple TV you can send the sound straight to the NDX2 via airplay.

You can also try using optical out from TV or marantz into NDX2. There will be lip sync issues probably - but it will give you a sense of whether the audio is better/worse.

Waiting for you to report back. :slight_smile:

I tried this, but it seems the Apple TV will send audio on airplay at 44.1 KHZ, therefore re-sampling the soundtracks.

I wish it would just send 48 KHZ stream without the resampling.

back to finding a solution that works for me…

How does it sound?

Sounds great

Hi @MMky, I was interested in your profile and your evolving system versus your main system. I have a NDX2/555/252/250 with the Totem Forest Signatures. I’m interested in how big the difference is between your two systems? I very much like the Forest and really consider them end game. The rest of system is very nice too :sunglasses:

I had the totem forest signatures at one point - now running the totem signature ones (the standmount) with rel sub.

Both systems are great in their own ways. There is just a lot more inner detail that comes through with the bigger system. However one tends to get to used to these things… - and it’s not life changing by any stretch.

Let me put this another way - the NDX2/282/250 beats the NDS/552/500 by a margin.

The reason being there was just something about networking gremlins in my system that killed the involvement for me on my naim system, causing me down the crazy path of upgrades.

One or more of the solutions below helped bring involvement back:

  • either by better switches in the home (UniFi),
  • better grounding of the internet cabling coming into my home (this was recent - internet stopped working - and the cable guy identified that something had gnawed portions of the cable - and there something wrong with grounding too),
  • fancy Ethernet switches (English electric) -
  • advancements in the Streamer tech
  • UnitiCore

I can say that I would not have gone on the upgrade journey and would have been happy with the 282/250 - if these networking issues had been resolved when I still had the previous generation of streamers.

Once upgraded, it’s hard to go back though…

But I can tell you that you don’t need to upgrade / if that’s what you want to hear. :slight_smile:

But who knows - this might all be hogwash - even I don’t trust myself on my opinions anymore -

One thing I can say though / there was a lack of involvement in the NDS/552/300 and then I got the 552/552/300 - and things got a little better - but only now with a bunch of changes in networking did things become crazy good.

So if you’re happy with the system you have, enjoy! You can always spend more money… or get a TT and records. :slight_smile:

Lastly, I’ve got SuperLumkna speaker cables on the 282/250 system and Kudos speakers cables on the 552/500 kudos system. That does change things a little. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the comprehensive reply, that’s most interesting. It does show that networking can be such a big influence on getting streaming to work well. I certainly had to work through a few fish hooks when I first started out with a Uniti Cute2. But now I have a sublime set up in my systems.

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Thanks for detailed reply

I agree with you that 282/HCDR/250DR is all the hi fi I need… and then some ! It’s already quite a hi end and well, expensive hi fi…

Of course 552/500 is better but do I need it to enjoy music….

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