Apple Users - Help If Possible


I have an iPhone SE and iPad Pro and hitherto both have worked without glitch and in perfect harmony. Both are on the latest software. However, there now appears to be a synchronisation problem with Mail whereas previously if I deleted an email on either device the mailbox on the other would automatically update. But now if I delete on the iPad the iPhone won’t update although if I update on the iPhone it will do it the other way around.

Complete luddite here so any advice would be gratefully received but keep it as simple as possible.

Thanks guys.


If not already done, switch them both off and switch them both back on. This solves a lot of issues with Apple devices. Hope it works in this case. If you have already done this then sorry, you need someone more knowledgable than me.

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After the power cycle, if still an issue, sign out and back into icloud under the settings menu on each device…word of warning, you will need your appleid and password for this step so make a note beforehand if unsure.

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You are going to have to delve into geekery… I doubt power cycling will fix this - but try it.

Then you need to check the Mail Account settings on both devices… :thinking:

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I use GMail and I can delete a message on one device (iPhone) or within a browser window on my Macbook, and it does NOT delete the email elsewhere.

My GMail has never synched like that. I would guess that there’s a way of doing that but I’ve never looked for it. But it’s not a ‘default’ or ‘always’ behaviour, I can say that.

Thanks guys.

I use Yahoo and G Mail, but through the apps. Better than the apple mail installed.

Updates sometimes have unpredictable results. iOS 15.5 has just been rolled out. I guess you are running that on your phone? Hope the above advice works. If not Apple support

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It could be an iCloud glitch - I’ve had lots of errors with ‘unable to connect to server’ recently for one of my folders but others work ok.

Assuming you are using an iCloud type AppleID ending (or older Apple variant ending or all your email data should be stored in the cloud and changes made on one device (provided connected to the internet somehow) will eventually sync through on other devices. If not which email service?

My iPhone X is losing battery power like crazy after the most recent update.

I’m finding the software is becoming far more complex to configure and quite confusing in recent years, mostly due to nonsense I don’t want - having resurrected an iPhone 4s recently, on a much older ‘skeuomorphic iOS version’, the text and so many things are just easier to read and everything far less cryptic.


All services currently supposed to be ‘up’.

Try a hard reset.

People here are assuming you’re using iCloud email – is that the case?

I’ll add another oddity I can’t seem to solve - Apple iMessage.

I’m the ‘controller’ of an Apple Family group. We’re all on Apple devices. I have no interest in social media so may have missed something but my daughter created a ‘Family’ iMessage group including me, Mrs AC, her and her brother.

For some peculiar reason I no longer get the messages to this ‘group’ in Messages on my phone but I do on the computer. Now I believe you can choose on different devices if you are contactable by phone number, AppleID (email address) etc and AFAICT have checked setting and can’t figure out why I don’t get group messages on the phone but do on the Mac. Really weird.

I have iPhone 11, so I’ll see how it behaves when I update it. The updates are said to improve security, but the cynical sometimes suggest we are nudged into buying the latest model by slower running or battery drain on ‘old’ models…

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Apple certainly had to admit to that a few iterations ago.

I think part of the problem is just too many options for background updating, confusing notifications anda push for things to be constantly ‘live’ rather than updating during usage.

In all honesty the iPhone X has probably been the best iPhone I’ve ever had - ergonomically at the maximum size I’d want, and despite there being iPhone 11/12s in the household I’m pretty happy with mine, significant camera improvements apart - not sure some update didn’t make the photos much worse, possibly as part of HEIC encoding.

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I jumped from a 5C which I used for years so I certainly notice the difference and use it much more. But I certainly don’t have to have the latest model or the biggest.

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I used to get the newest Apple kit every 18-24 months many moons ago, but was useless at part exchanging the older stuff.

There are real significant year on year changes to the hardware especially cameras (for me anyway) but I simply cannot justify such frequent product purchases anymore when what I have does 90% of stuff more than adequately.

Most software changes/new features have seemed fatuous for quite some time. :frowning:


Agreed. The OP’s SE is still sold, so hopefully this is simply an iCloud problem.

I have just updated my iPhone SE (2016) and iPad with no issues. I have previously had a sync issue following an iOS update.

I think I had to check the server settings (IMAP and SMTP), the update had reset them I believe.

I am not a techie so my recollection is a bit vague.

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By coincidence I’ve just purchased my first new, non-refurbed, Apple device in a decade this very week. My journey was 3G, 4, 5 x 4 (replacements or returns thanks to various issues, 1st Gen SE X 2 and now a new 12 mini. It’s interesting to note that other than the camera improvements there’s little significant change between the 5 and the 12 mini.

Anyways, I think people have missed a step here. It also matters not whether you’re using an iCloud email address or not. The sync is provided between devices via iCloud being turned on for Mail on both regardless of who the provider is. What I’ve found is that periodically iCloud sync simply stops working for either of or both of email and iMessage. The starting point for me which has, without fail, fixed the issue, is to simply switch iCloud off for email on the older device and then toggle it back on. On the one occasion when that didn’t work I toggled both and all was well after a couple of goes.

Coincidentally Lindsay the devices I had this issue at peak annoyance level with were… an iPhone SE and my iPad Pro.

Should toggling off/on not work then yes you logout on both devices and as a last resort get into rebooting but toggling is the simplest fix and does seem to work.

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