Appreciation token - Flynn, Richard Dane & AK Internationa,

Naim Listners,

I would like to thank Richard Dane, Flynn Charter & AK International, who assisted and coordinated the resolution of my issue and the replacement of the new unit (Naim Nait 5si).

Richard & Flynn were so customer obsession who tried hard internally to make customers happy. Both were so connected and responsive and never get customer anger.

Tons of thank you Naim Team …Keep supported…Keep connected…Keep customer faces smile…Keep continue growing …Keep continue raise Naim listeners …

Naveen Babu


Thanks Naveen, glad Flynn (who deserves most of the credit here) managed to get things sorted for you with your dealer and distributor.


Hi Richard off topic… I wiuld like to get into contact with Gazza…can you help…could you liaise with him…to see if he wishes to talk to me… Cheers Richieroo

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