ARC HDMI Cable Query


This is my first post since becoming the owner of the Uniti Star.

Very impressed so far, but I have a slight issue with regards to listening to my Sony Bravia TV through the system linked via an HDMI ARC cable.

When feeding through the Naim via normal TV or Freesat there is not an issue, but when I switch on to either the BBC I-Player or Netflix (i.e. a streaming service) the sound is not transferred through my speakers via the NAIM. I just get what can only be described as a hissing/warbling noise.

Any idea/advice as to why this is not picking this up?



Hi, this will be a format issue. Netflix and bbc iPlayer are probably sending out dts or Dolby surround, you need to make sure that is changed to pcm stereo as that’s the only format the star can handle via the hdmi input.

As Robert advises above, you need to ensure that the TV is set to only output PCM stereo rather than Bitstream. This is because the Atom uses a 2 channel DAC so can’t process a multichannel bitstream signal.

Thanks for this.

Problem solved! Just goes to prove that this site is excellent for sharing views/issues.

Now looking forward to getting access to Qobuz, as per Naims recent update.


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