Arc Protocol down again on the HDMI input after new update

Hi all,
just would like to have confirmation that I’m not the only experiencing the same issue once again.
I noticed after my Atom updated to the latest firmware that it won’t automatically goes into standby when I turn off the TV set. Since the update I’ve gotta turn the Atom into standby mode myself while before the update pressing on the standby button of the tv’s remote would suffice to turn all devices linked per HDMI.
I checked the tv settings and my HDMI cables and all is ok.
It’s really annoying that the new firmware brings back some former bugs that were supposed to be solved a year ago or so


We are not aware of this ARC issue. Can you please contact Naim support and provide them with the firmware version your Atom was upgraded from and the make & model of you TV to allow us to investigate your problem.


Hi Roland
I just submit those details to the Uniti support team
The issue is the following: the Atom wakes up from standby when turning the tv On from the TV set remote but will not automatically go back into standby mode when turning off the TV. I have to open the naim app to turn it off.

Well, here’s the reply I get from naim :
“Based on your description, this does seem like an issue in the Atom’s software. Our software team are looking into this for a resolution, which will be released in a future update. I apologise for the inconvenience this may have caused.”

Looks like the last firmware brought some other issues with it. I also noticed some lags when finding room or switching inputs

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