Arcam AVR850 dc fault 01


I’d just finished mangling my guitar practice (still trying to get my head round classical guitar) and felt like a bit of light relief. Switched on the system (Naim + Arcam 850 for AV duties), and had just settled down to load up a game on the PS4, when the TV screen went blank.

First thought - reboot the PS4. Didn’t cure it. Switched everything off (and I mean everything!). That means all the Naim gear and attached equipment. When I powered the Arcam back on it showed “dc fault 01” and switched itself off.

Searched the internet, and it would appear that something has ‘blown’ inside the Arcam and it needs repairing. I bought the Arcam 3 years ago, so should still be in warranty (I hope!).

The dealer I bought it from suggested a factory reset, but as it keeps switching itself off, that isnt’ possible! He is contacting Arcam, but it looks like I shall have to plug things directly into the TV for now to actually watch anything. (sigh)

SWMBO’s response? “You’re not getting another new bit of gear”. This in spite of me saying that I don’t actually want anything new!

It’s all a bit “three foot judges”, I’m afraid. **

**Little things sent to try us" - one of my late father’s sayings.

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