Arcam firmware update

I only found this out because I went to the Arcam site to remind myself of the number of speakers it would drive. I was toying with the idea of going 7.1. I’m glad I did. Not long ago Arcam released new firmware for the FMJ AVR amps from the 390 upwards. It brings your amp up to the IMAX enhanced spec of the range. You also get an improved version of DIRAC which seems to do a better job of room correction and is easier to use. What I didn’t expect is the improvement in picture quality. I’m using a Panasonic 65 inch OLED. There’s just so much more detail. Our old favourite films are a different experience. You need to load the firmware to a USB and put it into a USB slot at the back. I do wish they’d put one on the front. You’ll loose your DIRAC settings which means downloading the new version and going through the process of resetting the room correction. The ‘sofa’ wide setting requires 17 sweeps all around your sofa to get to the point where you can transfer the file to the amp.


I’ve still got an AVR350, had it from new, use it mostly for wax spinning from a Rega RP6. I seem to remember Arcam went a bit off the rails after that generation and had buggy firmware on the AV receivers. Had it serviced and recapped a few years back and still in active service!

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