Are Focal speakers the obvious match for Naim amplification

It truly has. I am more than happy with the Setup. Just need to move to the NDX2/XPSDR to complete. Will have to wait until bonus next year now😩


Personal preference and your listening room will obviously play a big part. I have always liked the old Castle speakers and my Winchester quarter wave / transmission line speakers sound great with my Supernait 3, which drives them very easily.

(Castle Howards between the Winchesters and the TV are connected to the Marantz 2275 out of sight on the left).

I bought some Focal speakers for one of my cars recently, based on reviews, but they haven’t been installed yet.

NDX2 with XPS DR is a great source! As I have said elsewhere recently, make sure to try it out with a Power-Line - it brings out the best in the combination.

I have the Powerline>Nova>NAC A5>Kanta No. 2>Gaia II setup myself, and have my eye on an REL S510 sub.

Question: It sounds like you have a single sub. My listening room is fairly small (10.5 feet x 13 feet), and I was also thinking single sub instead of a pair. How do you hook up and integrate a single sub? Folks say that REL subs take some of the load off the Focal speakers and improve the midrange especially as a result. How does that work with just one sub? Is there a crossover involved that takes certain frequencies away from the Kanta No. 2?

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Loved your photo, I had the castle Howard many years ago, and loved them, I was working on the dealer that imported them to my country, had the duram 900 the Chester, the harlec and finely the Howard, the Howard was the best of them all, never listened the Winchester.

Never know what happened to Castle, they have must gone out of business as their speakers are not existent today.


The Winchesters sound quite a bit better than the Howards, which are pretty decent in their own right.

Castle are now part of the Chinese based International Audio Group and have some pretty decent speakers in their current line up, some of them transmission line based.

The problem is finding replacement original drivers for their old, classic range.

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The Brand was bought out and is now mass-produced in China.

The original UK Castle speakers, well most of them, were great sound and stunning woodwork.
I sort of regret parted with mine.

The old UK based Castle Acoustics used to make the wooden Fraim shelves for Naim and also made the cabinets for the Naim Arivas.

Our Castle Kendal Mkii’s bought from FG Moss in Bath 1981 along with a Sugden A48, later replaced with an A48ii. These speakers had the bass paper cones replaced in 1992. Still going goodish and recently been in service with a 2002 Exposure 3020 amp. Grills dissolved long ago. Wish I had bought electronic crossover when available rather than remain with fused originals.

Now in my office for siting with aforementioned Sugden.


I remember hearing the Chesters and Winchesters at Penta Heathrow when they came out, or was it Bristol, and liking them a lot, particularly the Winchester. I couldn’t afford either at the time.

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It was pure luck I got the Winchesters. A pair appeared for sale on eBay by auction, which is a very rare occurrence. I put in what I thought was a suitably high big right at the last moment, but somebody outbid me by five quid with 5 seconds or so to go.

But it turned out that the buyer couldn’t afford to pay! So the vendor got back to me :smiley: I had to arrange for collection and delivery, but no hassles there.

I hope you didn’t have to pay the full amount of your bid? Just a couple of quid above the next highest bidder?

Yes I did, but I didn’t mind as the price was still very reasonable and getting the speakers was more important.

Understand … but I’ve been duped in the past and the scenario was similar … the cynic in me observed that your situation provided a very nice outcome for the seller, and a free get out of jail for your “rival” bidder. But as you say … good price, good product, let the music play.

Hi@maison00. Yes I have a single S812 sub and I have got to say it has integrated seamlessly with my Kanta2’s. I also bought the Airship wireless transmitter/receiver at same time and it works wonderfully, and means there is not another lead for the Missus to complain about. There are some excellent tutorial videos on YouTube detailing setup. After tinkering for a few days, I found the sweet spot, and all I can say is wow. It is not just the bass extension which impresses, but where the crossovergain is set it definitely improves the midrange. The soundstage is now wider and deeper somehow. Real Voodoo😍.

As I understand it the speaker operate as normal, but the Sub just adds to the SQ. everything is just richer and more detailed. After an audition, I was looking to buy Sopra2, but because of supply chain issues the would not be able to deliver until 2023. Adding the REL has imho given the same upgrade, but at half the difference of the price once value of selling Kanta’s and buying Sopra.

Buy. You won’t be disappointed :+1:

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Yes after a fashion at this years CanJam they couldnt even be arsed to have their own stand it was via Hifonix(a dealer) compare that with Audeze who had a head honcho in attendance very friendly too they even rigged their models through different amps
i auditioned the CBRN Electrostaic 'phones through a Stax Energiser (hi fi heaven!)
result im now considering buying one their Planer Mag 'phones