Are many of you subscribers of Hifi Critic?

  • Yes.
  • No, never.
  • No not anymore.

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Never even seen a copy…maybe I should seek one out? Or not…

I think it’s a very good magazine. Not cheap however as it’s independent and doesn’t have any advertising. Only articles.

Good magazine which I think has improved under the new editor. No cheap but no ads to skim through which I find a plus.

I have it since 2 years and find it interesting to read including checking the music pics. I am one of the 2(?) so far who said yes


It is a consistent source of commentary on Naim products and has some good music reviews. You can find samples of some of the content online. It is not cheap.

It’s a very good if rather too brief read. Some very good articles, Keith Howard’s technical articles and the interview with Touraj Moghaddam have been highlights of late. A great shame that Paul Messenger has moved on, but a high quality review team remain. I’ve been a subscriber since 2009, only dropping my subscription for a year or so when it became a bit too Naim centric and then renewed when that period passed.

I took a year’s subscription a while ago and the bloody thing renewed automatically, I thought I was buying only 1 year’s worth. At this point I got the 'ump, I generally try and avoid recurring card payments as they can be difficult to stop, it took some effort to stop this one. The magazine itself is good but my interest waned fairly quickly.

I have been a subscriber since it was launched. It is very good; certainly better than any other HiFi magazine. It does seem to have some challanges in getting access to products to review, perhaps partly due to alsovpublishing negative reviews. It seems that being free of advertising doesn’t make it totally independent. My wish would be that it was thicker and came more often.


I’m inclined to agree, but what’s the good in publishing a more than justified positive review to a non-deserving product. The most reviewed products do seem to go along with advertising with some mags, although I know that will be denied.
I tried HiFi Critic after moving on from HiFi World, both appealed to my need for something technical rather than just subjective waffle. But over time both fell by the wayside. I now just take a few peaks at www Stereophile every so often, its reviews are technical & they do a really job in that area, so it rings my bells. Problem is, being a US publication it has a lot of stuff we don’t see on the UK & European market place & not many UK & EU products that get reviews, Naim being one of them.

I’m a subscriber- one of the better mags out there imo

I’ve been reading critic for many years. Now a regular subscriber having previously bought back issues I was interested in from Editor Paul at the Tonbridge Audio Fair.
To me the articles are very balanced, without the fear that the outcome is coloured by the advertising budget of the manufacturer.
Compared to other mags, Critic does seem to cover equipment I’m interested in and Greg D’s jazz reviews have cost me dear in the past but now seem to be mostly available on Tidal.
Yes, expensive but a good balance between technical and subjective reviews.
Will be interesting how the new editorial team steer the magazine in the future, but still the only HiFi publication I put my hand in my pocket for.

Somebody tried hard sell on me for HiFi Critic at HiFi show (think his name was Messenger), I was unimpressed - have seen some of the content on the Net and was highly unimpressed. Seems almost as worthless as Rolling Stone magazine.

If we are to judge equipment and music by listening to it then reading others opinions are of little value IMO unless you want to buy a system for a reviewer and play music that appeals to a critic.

Frank Zappa had it about right when it came to Rolling Stone magazine “Most rock journalism is people who can’t write, interviewing people who can’t talk, for people who can’t read”.

Could we say “Most HiFi journalism is people who can’t write, testing kit they don’t listen to, for people who can’t hear”

When people claim they can hear what make and model of hard disk are in a NAS then they lose me. Me, I can’t tell the bottom from the top. If I standing on my head or on my heels, if it’s cloudy or it’s bright, if it’s day or if it’s night, if I’m wrong or if I’m I right or if it’s real.

Mind you I don’t suppose they think a lot of me. Can’t blame them for that.

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Blimey…Keith Howard and Paul Messenger…those are names I recall from years ago…


i am buying sometimes this magazine, if the issue interests me. But haven’t subscribed. One of the best hifi magazine. But expensive.

I am into my second year with this magazine. First got into it with samples at the Wittlebury Hall.Show. They were cheap or possibly free. Like all mags they need to cover a wide base so some articles are not for me. Not cheap but neither is quality hi-fi.
Its got more going for me than Hi-Fi+ which INMYO reviews products nobody (?) has heard of and probably not in a local dealer either. H-Fi News seems to have the balance right but that’s me.
When you get 3 or 4 of these a month after a time they take over the house!

I do my bit by recycling them (HFN only, Critic stays at home) in the reading area in the Café at work. They seem to disappear and then return so perhaps the good word is being spread :grinning:

I enjoy HiFi Critic, and look forward to each issue.

I am a regular reader I enjoy the reviews and the lack of adverts…