Are Naim making cars?


I can’t see Naim taking very kindly to this.

It’s a UnitiCar.

It’s a launch of an electric car by the Geely Corporation (They own Volvo Cars) and a different approach to purchasing,showrooms and dealerships from what I read a couple of weeks ago.

They are using the same name. I’ve checked the pricing too. It’s very, very expensive! Also, Geely are intending to manufacture the new Smart EQ, but this looks as if this will replace it

I suspect that the word Uniti hasn’t been copyrighted by Naim, so they probably won’t be able to object.

Edit: I have now checked and Uniti is registered as a trademark by someone else.



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Single words can’t normally be copyrighted, however they can be registered as trademarks for use within a specified area of business; the trademark then applies only within that area of business.

Furthermore if you register a trademark that some has already used, even in the same area of business they are entitled to continue with their own use on the basis of prior usage (provided they can prove that prior usage!).


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