Are the new streamers likely to

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Having had an NDX and now being fortunate enough to have a NDX2 are sound improvements likely to come over the years like the original NDX?

I can remember a couple of firmware updates with the NDX that definitely improved sound quality.

Be interested to know how these things have an effect on sound quality and if all the new units are ever likely to sonically improve over the years via updates.



I was wondering the same thing about my ND5 XS2.

I would think so. Naim put in a very capable streaming platform into these network players .As new features are added and further development continues through the product lifecycle , there may be additional SQ benefits.

Me too!

The SQ benefits were a byproduct of functionality improvements, as SQ and functionality seem inextricably linked. When the Qobuz firmware upgrade appears you can be pretty sure that the SQ will change to some extent, for better or for worse.

Firmware updates can significantly affect the sound quality - if you’re lucky, for the better, if not, the same or worse - I think it’s very system dependent and I stuck with an older firmware (on a Nova) for quite some time until a recent update as interim ones really didn’t suit my setup.

The problem with the new platform is that although you can revert quite easily, the firmware files are not readily available - you could update and not like any change in SQ, whereas others may love it or see no difference at all. If you don’t like it you have to jump through hoops to get an older version of the firmware.

If you prefer an older version for SQ it may well trump any bug fixes/new features in newer versions. One potential issue using older firmware is with the Naim app which may expect the latest version to be installed - some features in the app may not work or go missing if firmware/app software aren’t current.

Naim will clearly try to tune/tweak any firmware to keep or better existing sound quality, they just can’t cater for all systems/tastes in testing even with beta testers on board.

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