Are there any more Aquarists on Naim?

I’ve had this very nice disorder since the age of 12.

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About the same, running this nowadays:


2 tanks and a pond

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Only when I can get in :grinning:


Thanks everyone so far, yes anything to do with fish keeping. Looking for my older images on various hard drives/sticks right now.
Been from Tropical, to Reef to Cichlids, more than once. Must find them.

This was mine a couple of years ago.


Yes - born mid-February.



Piscean here, since birth.

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Aries. Same birthday as my wife’s dad, which is a bit weird…

I kept fish for many years, starting with goldfish and have had any others. Cichlids are my favourites and their behaviour is particularly interesting. I’ve kept Discus and have bred Texas Cichlids which are very beautiful but a bit stroppy. My very favourite was my Oscar, which we unimaginatively named Oscar. He originally had three friends but he killed and ate them. His tank sat between a pair of Kans in the flat I had while doing my PhD, on optimal foraging in Stoneloach. How could it not be about fish? I’ve published a couple of papers too. Since moving into my current house in 1992 I had a small tank for a couple of years and basically got a bit bored of it. I still love to visit public aquariums - Nausicaä in Boulanger is particularly good.

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I don’t have a fish tank, but I caught these salmon on a day trip off Vancouver Island …


Discus are lovely, I kept them for a few years also. These are all between 6-8”. The tank was 5ft


Hi HH, Oscars were also my favorite, I had a pair in a 6x2x2ft tank next to one of my Kabers. This is the first time I’ve ever written about fish keeping, never mind 2 papers on the subject.

Presently I have a large aquarium with mixed “easy” cichlids.

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