Are these reliable sources for downloads?

I’m interested in both these albums but wart of both sites. Any clues as to whether I should be concerned or not putting aside that not all offer FLAC?

I had found what looked like a better option for Shabini but seem to have closed the tab in my browser.

GlobalGroove appears to rip from LP - a lot will depend on quality of album and of the TT. From their site:
“Global Groove’s rips are made without any filters. If the Lp has some cracks, we leave them.” “All rips at 320 kbps.”
And this suggests no royalties are paid:
“The musicworks on this page are meant to promote artists and labels. If you like the promotional copy go try and buy the original.”

Mp3va sounds like it is all Mp3. They claim: “the activity of is carried out according to the legislation of the license # IT - 07/13 No IT - 07 - 1/13 of the Ukrainian Public Organization “Avtor” issued for Beowner Ltd. Service pays full-scale author’s royalties to owners of pieces of music, trademarks, names, slogans and other copyright objects used on the site.”

The Annuarioaudio site is rather different, however it appears to be accessing a usenet site, which makes me suspicious as to legitimacy in terms of coptright.

Is there an ‘approved download sites’ thread?

One that I’ve looked at recently is junodownload (I won’t paste a link in case not allowed). Prices &c. seem okay.

Juno has been recommended on here several times.

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This is most helpful thanks.

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