Are we sleepwalking out of the old forum?

Quite a few members saying they will not be joining the new forum
Hope it’s not going to be lonely here tomorrow ? :worried:

They will be back, a few sneaky little reads as a visitor & something will pique an interest.

I hope that ALL our friends join here!

I hope you’re right, Mike. For example, HungryHalibut’s knowledge of kit and ewemon’s knowledge of music will be very sorely missed.

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Well… we’are here.
Even though I find the navigation a bit strange for now…

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Me too Adam, just will take a bit of getting used to.

It looks like you cannot browse the new forum without being a member.

I wonder if this will encourage people to register in order to lurk or will they just not bother at all?

I had presumed that is just for the time the forum is in beta.


I don’t think so.

The page has changed from just asking to a logon to this.


That’s a bit shortsighted IMHO and a change from previous practice. How many times do you read “I lurked for years and have eventually plucked up the courage to join and post” or some such.


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I think it could put a lot off people off if you have to register on many occasions Ihave looked up a website and not continued because you have to register I can see this happening with this new Forum website.

Looks like it is back to ‘Open to All’, as I just viewed the forum through alternative browsers to my usual one - Opera / Chrome / Firefox.

Hi, we’ve opened it up, it was just a setting left on from when it was in beta. Many thanks


There are too many interesting conversations, suggestions & especially music not to join (also early enough for me to drop the 160 from my moniker). I was sorry to read that a few of the contributors I respected are deciding not to join (for now). I am hoping that the guys I trust & appear to be in sync with on the music front are joining. Taking my time to see how everything works…onwards & upwards…

I decided that I have too much time to waste, so I might as well spend it here, albeit under a new moniker.

I suspect that a lot of the people who said they’ll leave will come back eventually. It’s like being an addict, you see.:sunglasses:

Glad to see you’ve decided to carry on, Kev.

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I never voted for Forum Nexit. I wanted Remain. :laughing:


Surely that should be ReNAIM ?



One leave for a couple of minutes and…