Are we sleepwalking out of the old forum?


I was wondering why no comments have been posted by HH and Ewemom?
Maybe some just don’t like change?



It looks like they decided not to make the move to the new forum. HH is posting on another forum.



@ewemon is posting on the music tread I believe



In some ways the new format is a little childlike, I notice I have earned a few tags, eg I’ve earned the tag ‘reader ‘ ‘ poster’ ect ect … pints total 0…:joy:

Personally I am not interested in all that nonsense…

But good to see most see the bigger picture…

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Mike I am just posting replies to members posts on the Music Thread. I got kinda fed up with all the little snide remarks made about my posting album covers that I just stopped it.
Maybe I will start proper posting again at some point when I feel like it again in the future however the break has been good for me as I am now starting to listen to complete albums again. I am also listening to a lot of some really good “new” to me artists albums at the moment and ones that were missed when they came out.



I wonder how many people regularly listen to whole albums these days? Probably more of a thing for vinyl and cd users?




Every time a forum changes platforms, I view it initially as DOS 4.0 (why change 3.3), or Windows Millenium (I liked Win 95 just fine). The loss of easy searches of the old forums seems to divest it of the the rich history that was to be found there (and even more so on the JV-era forum). Yes eventually it will be a repository of useful and occasionally entertaining information…but no more ‘Javed vs the DBL’ tales. That smell of smoke is the library in Alexandria burning.

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I am 100% streaming from my own store, other than occasional forays to check out new music. Apart from the checking out of new things I almost never do other than play whole albums - and I have never understood people going for random play! Bug maybe it depends on the type of music one likes…

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I’m still at a loss of how to make changes or fill out my profile. Took me numerous tries to just register’ A topic and help on just this would be nice



LAwolf8, have you looked through the new forum FAQ? Have a read here;



When you first open, either in browser or opening the DiscourseHub app and selecting community.naimaudio, click on your avatar (top right corner, at least it is for me right now in the app on an iPad). Just below your avatar appears a little hanging banner and a cogwheel. Click on the cogwheel and details of you appear. On the left hand side you will see a list of topics, Account being open. The one below Account is Profile - that is what you want.

Edit - I see Richard pointed you toinstructions while I was scribbling. Hopefully one or other will get you there!



Thanks, I just get tense when I have to get into something new, sometimes the button is right in front of me and I miss it, I figured it out and am enjoying the new lookI hadn’t been on the forum for a long time and other days I spend hours reading and writing.


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