Arggghhhh! Set up help needed

I need help! I have recently serviced my SNAPS, NAC 62, NAP90 and NAT101 and now I cant seem to connect them back together correctly! I know, I know, I don’t know what I am doing but I love my vintage Naim!

Your NAC62 and NAP90 connect via SNAIC4. Be sure you have the 5pin Din link plug fitted in the NAC62. The NAT101 and SNAPS connect via SNAIC4. The 24V output that has been fine tuned for the NAT101 will probably be marked by a dot or sticky table or something similar. Then take signal from the SNAPS to the NAC62 via interconnect.

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Keep It Simple.

Connect the 62 & 90 directly with the SNAIC4 - then try it like that.

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One more thing; the banded end of the SNAIC is always closest to the source of the signal.

Old connections manual for you.


Thank you for your help. I have got it all going!


Well done. Not difficult, really… :smirk:

This Naim User Guide appears to be from around 1986 - based on both the 110 & 140 being mentioned.

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