Arise Sir Ian

I see that Ian Rankin, who was a reviewer on Hifi Review magazine back in the day, has been knighted in the Jubilee Honours List. Glad to see hifi writing being recognised, although I suspect that his authorship of the Rebus novels may have some impact here.


HiFi Review had an excellent writing team, whether or not you agreed with the occasionally hyperbolic Chris Frankland, including Malcolm Steward and Adam Meredith. I think I bought every issue until it ceased publication.

I was a friend of Malcolms and shot quite a few of the magazine’s covers. I got to know Ian as he was the deputy editor. I remember I was on the table of HiFi Review with him at an evening supporting the Nordoff-Robbins charity and most of the HiFi industry were also there. Might have been the London Hilton I think. The Naim and Linn boys across the room were paticularly oiled and enjoying themselves . He told me then that he was leaving the magazine and going to France to become a writer. Hmmmm! I thought. How wrong could I have been. Didn’t he do well?


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