Ariva Crossovers

Hi All

I have a pair of Arivas that are 15+ years old. Is anyone familiar with the crossovers? Do they have electrolytic capacitors or any other components that mat need replacing?

If so can anyone offer advice on how to remove the drivers without damaging them, or the cabinets, they appear to be firmly located.

Many thanks

Hi Philip, welcome to the forum, i know @JimDog asked the same question last year and it was said they are not a normal service item unless you feel they sound awful. Perhaps jimdog can update you in what he eventually did?

Welcome Philip

I bought a pair of Arivas new in 2004.
I still have them and love them.

Especially the fact that they have 3 drivers, and the bass one down near the floor adds a very wide spread of sound.

You can tell how old yours are from this list:

I replaced one of my tweeters that had been damaged - Darran of Class A ordered it from Naim and screwed it in for me.

I don’t recall doing anything on the crossovers.

I think it would be very difficult to get at them as they are sealed box design.

Why do you think they need it? Just on principle that the caps might have dried out - or do they sound off?

Do you have them nicely spiked and levelled on their plinths?

If you have any queries on them you might ask the brilliant Duncan Roberts at Naim.

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What I did to wake up the real potential of my Arivas was to upgrade my electronics - to a 272/555DR.
The Arivas were in ecstasy.


Thx Jim

Many thanks Jim and Gazza for the replies.

Yes I was wondering if the crossovers included electrolytic capacitors as I am not enjoying the sound of the Arivas as much lately. Maybe it is time to experiment with some changes. I will look at the remainder of the system first…

Meantime I will check the plinths and contact Naim.

Thanks again

Please let me know how it goes and what info you discover on the crossovers.

Here’s a thread on Ariva DIY upgrade questions.

Will do Jim, thanks for that link

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