Aro 2 coming

With Naim announcing the arrival of the Aro 2 being available individually for the LP12, how much do you think it will be?

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Hmm… :thinking: :grinning:

Damn, rather than gold I have a boxful of unused Mk1 Aros, think my investment just took a hit.


Has that comparison been done outside of Naim? The 2 will have it on convenience but that was never what an Aro was about. Whatever day it is.

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Jolly Jape’s - only 1 hour and 47 minutes to go :grinning::grinning::grinning:

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That’s certainly the view I would be spreading, if I really did have that box.

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I think it will be around £2,750, so in 2025 it will be about £3,999 then.

All will be revealed at noon apparently.


Website landing page seems to have had a makeover unless I’ve just gone to specific pages recently.

Grey Classic components?

“These high-end products are also finished with a “tin” colour for a perfect harmony.”
Harmony is in the eye of the beholder - but I’ll stay with the usual black!

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:joy: Nice April fool


Sadly for LP12 owners according to Jas Gould the ARO 2 will always be too heavy for the Linn. There’s always a Solstice if anyone really wants one :open_mouth:

It’s not going to work for most of us is it, you have to wonder if the intended market is not the average Naim user, rather those who just want an off the peg fairly high-end package. Wonder what the overall price is given that it includes Superlumina ‘cables’. Can’t see it being shy of £30,000.

Assuming this isn’t a Naim April Fools joke, I bet it looks much better ‘in the flesh’ but unless they are going to offer upgrades in the same finish you’d end up with an odd system mix if you had to say add a black PSU for the NDX2.

Perhaps testing the water for new styles?

It costs £28,000. There is a whole thread on it, in which all the sensible points you raise are discussed ad infinitum!

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Thanks, £30k wasn’t such a bad guess! I really struggle to see who in the real world is going to drop £28k on this package just like that without considering alternatives, or maybe the target demographic would simply if hooked (rather than fancy lifestyle purchase) would simply replace with a considerably more expensive iteration. There has to be a market where people who can afford a recommended package will simply ‘go for it’ as it takes little effort, but how many will that be in reality?

For wider ‘upgrade’ boxes I actually wonder if PSUs/NAC 252 could be built to order to match, or even the ‘lesser’ tin box cases repurposed for an upgrade. Probably not.

I have a mix of Uniti, Chrome bumper, olive and current Classic boxes but at least they are all ‘black’. As for my LP12 black was hip when I got it, I now really wish I’d chosen a wood effect plinth - there are some lovely replacements available I know, just not a current priority.

The whole tin thing is a pointless distraction as far as I’m concerned. Who or why would anyone buy such a thing? Someone with £28k spare who doesn’t think beyond tonight’s cocktail session probably.

You put it more succinctly than me - seems like they’re testing the water for a different kind of client. Suspect most of us here don’t have Bentleys, yachts or multi-million pound sports cars, though some might…

Just noticed that thread which presumably is a few days older.

I assumed the OP’s post was a joke but after reading did actually wonder and simply went to the Naim site to check and found that. :blush:

I did like the animated Solstice ‘reveal’. I wonder how many of the ‘500’ have gone? If money were no object I’d have one already, but for most of us again simply not an option.

The Chancellor? :rofl:

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