Aro cart list

Hence my comment about there being little point in adding it but someone my buy a used one. Mine has had it but Ana Mighty Sound have told me they can rebuild them so all may not be lost, I’ve yet to test their services.

I currently have a London Decca maroon on my Aro , it seems to line up OK according to my Feickert and I’ve had no tracking issues but it’s configured for mono at those are the discs I’ve mainly used it with. Feeding a stageline N it’s surprisingly good, except for a bit of hum now and then.

I quite like the OC9MLII, and that family in general. To be honest, I think being good at tracking is the number one job of a cartridge:

  • mistracking is the worst sound a system can make…
  • … And it damages records

As such, many popular options don’t really work for me. It was also the reason I moved from the Aro to the Ekos SE despite loving the sound of the former: it was quite clear the Kandid tracked better on the latter.

Eventually I went to the ART1000 and found something that not only tracks everything but sounded better than any other option at a comparable price point to me, so quite a happy outcome. Interesting that it would again be an AT cartridge for me - they seem to value the same design requirements I do.

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so it should be, just found the price!

Plenty of cartridges at that price point couldn’t do the same, so…

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