Aro - Heavy Cartridge Weight


I know the stated max cartridge weight for the Aro is 12grams but has anyone had any experience with using a heavier cartridge, such as an Audio Note Io II which is circa 18grams.

Can the counter balance weight just be increase to compensate (I’m using the TP sKale). Will this affect the bearing / uni pivot point in anyway?



Heaviest I’ve used was the SPU Royal N, but at 13 grams that’s a comparative lightweight. I used the Aro heavy counterweight, and added some mass to the bias weight.

The cheese adds another 2.9g to that so not far off.

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It is a lot more then recommended.
They always told me a heavy cartridge wil give a wrong amplitude in the arm.
It will vibrate in a order it is not designed for.

Search for compliance and mass

Wow I didn’t know carts can go that heavy, poor lp is all I can imagine.

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