Arranging messy cables

I don’t remember if the issue came up here in the past -
The mess of cables created behind the Frame and from there continues along the living room wall - with loud protest sounds from the management…
Do you have any ideas for arranging the cables so that they satisfy the management’s wishes?

That might depend on what type of flooring you have, and how much work you are prepared to put in. My speaker cables are under the floorboards, as there was no other option, and I was giving the room a complete refurb, so some of the boards were already lifted.
Others have dug trenches in concrete floors and buried cables in ducting.
You can buy skirting that is hollow, to run the cables inside. Personally there’s no way I would tolerate plastic skirting boards, but some people obviously don’t mind it.
Some cables can be run under carpets or rugs. I’ve run speaker cable across the middle if the room by putting very thick underlay under the rug and cutting a slit for the cables.

I was pondering this matter at the weekend…in the ‘old’ days we had a TV with power and aerial cables…now my TV has, power cable, optical cable, HDMI, it did have an ethernet cable but am trying wireless at the moment. The TV recorder has aerial x 2, HDMI, power cable and did have ethernet. Just to watch TV. All that and without taking my Unitilite, turntable, NAS and switch into consideration.

I managed to get rid of two cables and am trialling wifi for TV/PVR as it all looks a mess.

I’m building a unit to house eveything and the cables will be routed behind them. I’m not into hifi racks but I think someone could make a lot of money if they could invent a system that gets rid of all of them.

As I was also pondering…in the past you put your record on a turnable and cd in a player, cue up and play…not to today you need a computing degree. It is one of the reasons my wife doesn’t listen to music anymore, she finds it too much of a faff.

It all sounds and looks good, but my goodness it can all be such a pain just to listen to music or watch TV…just an observation.

I think you just have carefully play with each cable at a time and try to get rid of excess ones.

I run the analogue cables, e.g. to speakers, inside flexible white zip-up ‘Fisual’ cable covers available from Amazon; these are easily affordable and come in 1m and 2m length…also available in black…

For the Ethernet cables with longer runs, e.g to/from a switch in the loft to a switch in the lounge, and router/modem in the hallway, I have opened up temporary access points in the plasterboard studwork and routed the cables between floors and ground-floor locations.

Also could depend on how you consider them.
Some might want a fit and forget solution, whilst others would want to take them all out to clean every few months or so.

It’s called “cable dressing”, if you feel like doing a search, and it has been covered a LOT. Most people do it for sonic improvement rather than WAF (wife acceptance factor). I drilled holes in my hardwood floor and ran the speaker cables through the crawl space underneath. The rest of the cables are sitting on the hardwood floor, looking like I have a snake farm behind the black boxes. The improvement for me has been consistency. The system doesn’t seem to have off nights.

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