Arrival of Chord TT2 & MScaler…..But what front end to partner with?

I’ve settled on using Audioquest Rocket 88 speaker cables, Siltech Classic Anniversary 770i XLR from the DAC to the amplifier, the new Siltech Classic Legend 380D BNC cables between NDX2 to M Scaler and M Scaler to Hugo TT2. I use a PS Audio AC5 power cable from the wall into the amplifier. I use a Shunyata Venom V10NR cable to an Isotek Sirius power block (for source components). I use PS Audio AC3 from the power block to the NDX2.

The Rocket 88s were a surprise, I really didn’t want them, but the dealer really wanted me to try them and gave me a long term demo set. They improved a lot on my Blue Jeans cable which replaced my Chord Company Epic twins.

I used to use Blue Jeans cables throughout and Isotek EVO power cables - cheap and really excellent for the price. I wasn’t a cable person and I absolutely hate admitting this, but the change to what I have now is an appreciable improvement. I guess I don’t really care if cables do or don’t act as tone controls, so long as I enjoy what I’m listening to.

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