Art Dudley RIP

Oh no - that’s very sad. Another good one gone.

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Very sad news. I loved the Listener and Art’s writing was always the highlight of whichever magazine his reviews would appear in. In particular he seemed to “get” what Naim was all about, which was not always the case with reviewers Stateside. His Naim reviews are classics and well worth seeking out. Thanks Art.


I have never been a frequent reader of Stereophile but I have always found myself browsing through Art sections. I have always appreciated his sense of listening and his enveloped but direct and informed style or writing.

So sad, that really shocked me! I loved his writings, his different aspects and his recommendstions! A giant, indeed!

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A couple of Art Dudley’s Naim reviews from ‘back in the day’, courtesy of AV Options:-


Incredibly sad news. I never knew Art Dudley as a person, but simply judging from each and everything I have read the world is a lesser place without him. :cry:

Very sad. I have read often his reviews on Stereophile. He was a great music lover. We will miss him.

Sad indeed, I have loved Arties writings for many years, and as Richard mentioned, Listener. I devoured those religiously back in those times, recalled his NAC-62/Hicap/NAP-140 back in the day. He will surely be missed by many. RIP Art, condolences to family and friends.

Made good copy. Shall be missed.

Stereophile will be half the magazine without him.


Horrible news…Dudley was my favorite! So many great reviews. His Nait2/AV Options piece in Stereophile is a classic.

One of my favorite Dudley lines was in a Luxman (I think) low-power tube amp review where he said: (I’m paraphrasing)

“…being disappointed in not much output power is like being disappointed in ‘The Seventh Seal’ (Ingmar Bergman movie) not having a car chase…”



Thank you very much for the link. The article was a lovely tribute to Art and the love for the man was present when reading the stories from his co-workers, friends and fans.

More sad news. RIP Art, your words tempted me away from Naim for a while. I returned, but I learned a hell of a lot in the process. Thank you.

Very sad turn of events. My favorite audio writer. Love his Stereophile columns and Listener was the best audio magazine ever. RIP Art.


A sad day. Art had such a gentile sole. I will miss his writing and occasional YouTube videos greatly. Rest In Peace.

This is terrible news. I had no idea he was even unwell – I read his last columns in Stereophile only a couple of days ago. Art was the best audio writer I’ve ever read, by a country mile.

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I have always enjoyed reading hifi-magazines ever since I started with the hobby in the 80’s. Looking back, very few articles or writers have impacted the way I execute this wonderful way to spend time and money. It was different with Art. He motivated me to return to Naim, to launch my and a friends “Mandrake” project (diy Shindo inspired amps and speakers), Schopper renovate a Thorens TD124, buy a EMT arm and cart, and I just enjoyed reading everything he wrote. Before falling asleep yesterday I read his column in Stereophile May issue and now I wake up to this. Very sad. Thank you Art and may you rest in peace.

2020 has been thus far a terrible year…

One of the reasons to visit Stereophile website was to read what Mr Art Dudley had to say…

RIP sir

Your writings will be missed.

So sad. I loved reading his contributions and he will be missed.