Art Neville RIP

Here’s a well-written article on the ups and downs of Art Neville.

Giant influence on the New Orleans Music scene. Great article, too.


Thanks for the link Skip. I have been listening to some Meters and Neville Brothers over the last couple of days.

I only saw the Neville Brothers once - in London at the time of Yellow Moon. Should have visited New Orleans!

A huge bummer. One of my favourite singer.


This is Art. Not Aaron. Very nice LP’s.


That’s right. The Meters. Is Art and Aaron related?

Art and Aaron are (were) brothers (along with Charles and Cyril).

Thanks Corry.
I am not familiar with Art’s work but glad to find out Aaron is still alive and kickin’!

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2 giants of New Orleans sound gone this year, Art and Dr. John will both be missed.

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