Art work .....not all showing

Specific question on art work not appearing on the Atom . I connected an USB hard drive to the Atom. Just a full copy of my ITunes Library/media files. Using the server mode for indexing in the App and better browser experience. This all works fine but not all album artwork is showing up. On my computer it is so, it is there but somehow missed by the Atom when indexing. Anyone a clue?

How large is the music folder? It takes a while to scan a large library so you may just need to wait a bit longer.

70 Gb…

Well, after 2 days , still no improvement and some art work remains missing. Any further suggestions please? Or can i somehow add art work to the USB that the Atom will see? Or should , if I can, change the metadata file structure , but this might be a more apple/mac-os related issue… Quite intriguing, any tips welcome! thanks.

Just checking: what file type of artwork can the atom handle: jpg, jpeg, tiff, … ? thanks

If the artwork isn’t embedded then I think it needs to be a jpg, called folder.jpg and not be too large (1000x1000 or thereabouts). This is the case anyway for the UnitiCore, which has much of the same software.



I don’t know about the Atom but the Naim app is rather picky about spelling. Won’t accept uppercase. So don’t call it Folder.jpg or folder.JPG. .jpeg extension is also not acceptable. Has to be .jpg.
At least those were my findings. :wink:

It’s not the app. It’s the firmware in the server. The app doesn’t care what it is.

You are right ofcourse. Now remember I had to rename everything from cover.jpg to folder.jpg when I switched servers. Old age and memory…

This must be it… thanks for your advice!. Going to test and check a few things now on the drive. Will keep you posted on the results!

I thought that cover.jpg did work, but I just tried renaming a file from folder.jpg to cover.jpg on a download in my Core and cover.jpg certainly doesn’t work now (so I have edited my earlier post). I wonder when that changed? Or perhaps I just misremembered it.



Right, did the checks and you will be as puzzled as I am. All the cover art is in .jpeg format as a start as automatically downloaded by iTunes when ripping a cd . I did copy my full i tunes library to an usb hd. The core art is stored in a separate folder in iTunes music library under long alphanumeric names to enable cross reference the the music files I assume. The good thing that the Atom can handle this iTunes structure as all meta dat is read and recognized apart from half of the album covers of which I should be already quite happy I guess. But the reason why only half of the covers is recognized … Assume I want to rip outside iTunes structure in a format the ATOM recognized (so only for cd not in hires online available. How should I do that? Another app? Thanks again for for any suggestions here, otherwise : let’s get on with it as it is…

The Apple iTunes file/folder format is not optimal to use with Naim. I discovered that many years ago and I’ve not seen any evidence that that’s changed.

If you want to rip in a format Naim really likes, rip to a folder for each album, and within that folder put the artwork, in a file less than 1 mb, as a file named folder.jpg Use a program such as Metadatics (OS X) or dbPoweramp (Windows or OS X) to check the metadata BEFORE putting it on the Naim server.

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