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I could have sworn there was a way of forcing which image is used under Album Artist or Artist browsing using Asset but I found and old (Asset forum) post saying it couldn’t be done. Am I getting confused? Is this only in Minimserver?

It can be done (apparently) according to @trickydickie with a QNAP
I have not found if its possible with a Synology, I have just changed a few album ‘cover’

The trickydickie how to do it instructions … Asset UPnP for Synology Released

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Thanks, Mike. Slightly more complicated than I thought but I’ll give it a go.

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@trickydickie Would you be willing to share what the settings look like in WinSCP to connect to your QNAP?

To connect you need to enable SSH in the Qnap Control Centre

Then connect like this (amend the IP address to your QNAP)


This is where my images are stored, yours may be different

Hope this helps

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Some progress! I’m now looking at the root directory on my QNAP but I can’t find where the Asset stuff is. Under /share I have /CAHEDEV1_DATA buts there nothing relevant under there. Where can I find something that tells me where Asset is installed or where the /.qpkg folder is?

I’ve selected the NAS option to show hidden files but this gets me no further. Nothing that looks remotely like the Asset files. or folders :slightly_frowning_face:

If you go into the Web config of Asset there is an option to download a configuration dump.

Download the normal one, decompress and you will find a file called asset-debug-asset.txt.

Open that file and you will find a line that tells you where Asset is installed on your QNAP

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Brilliant! Thanks, TD. Should be able to try this later this afternoon. Got my fingers crossed!

Okay, the dump has showed me the location: /share/CACHEDEV1_DATA/.qpkg/Asset/bin/

When I browse (in WinSCP), I can get as far as /share/CACHEDEV1_DATA/ but can’t see the /.qpkg folder. If I search for a file, I can see it searching through this folder - but I still can’t get at it!

Anything else I can try?

Just remembered, the .qpkg folder is a hidden folder!

In WINSCP go to the Options menu and Preferences. Select panels and check ‘Show hidden files’


Fabulous! Thanks, @trickydickie - I’m in!

Now to find lots of .PNG files!

It’s working! I’ve downloaded a tool called Irfan View to convert my JPGs to PNGs. Thanks, again, @trickydickie, terrific support.

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Pleased to help, glad you got it sorted!

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