Artists among us?

Hi all

I know we have the professionals amongst us like @Pete_the_painter but are there many who like to paint or draw?

I have recently taken my hand to doing some Coloured pencil drawing.
I have never drawn before and really finding it rather satisfying to do whilst listening to music in the evening.
This eagle is my first ever attempt and I am quite pleased with it and I am currently working on this Artic Fox. :grinning:

Best Popeye


Whipped this off last week but haven’t got a clue what I’m doing.


I don’t have the patience to work in coloured pencils, always admire those that do.


Forgot about this one I did last week.
Yes you certainly need patience, it’s all the layering.


And water colour is also a difficult medium.

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Yes I tried water colour once, the end result looked like a piece of kitchen paper used to clean my child’s face! :joy:

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I’m hoping to have a show around Easter however it depends on restrictions being eased. Till then I’ve got a studio full of work that much to Mrs Pete’s frustration it’s starting to spill out into the rest of the house.


This is the stuff I do:


Unfortunately some of us are both hopeless at producing visual art, and unappreciative of much of art (and so-called art?) out there… Music is another matter!

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Your diy turntables are interesting too.

Thanks :slight_smile:. I appreciate the pictures aren’t the most ‘accessible’, but then their not intended to be. The three pictured are from a larger group and all are quite big, so quite intense when together.

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Imo it’s exactly the same, every few people appreciate all types of music. The only musical instrument I can play is my hi fi but that’s never stopped me from appreciating music.


I think this looks great! Is it charcoal?



Mrs W. She does a lot of art, and sells a bit every year. Top is coloured pencil, bottom scraper board.

I have a school report that says ‘This is his last term of art. I am not sure who is more grateful.’

Pithy, and true



Nice work :+1:

I did have similar idea a few weeks ago, primarily to do something creative and get of that screen in the nights.

How did you get started? I assume you did not just take a pencil and started?

I did actually, just googled an image I liked and put pencil to paper.
What I have learnt very quickly is that the quality of the pencils and paper makes a huge difference!

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Thanks Popeye. My realistic drawings as a kid were never good, but the fantasy ones were pretty good. I’ll give it a try!

Strange how the ‘artist’ gene can skip a generation. I have never been able to successfully set brush/pastel/pencil to paper, yet my father was an incredibly gifted amateur, and my daughter’s aptitude culminated in a Fine Arts ‘1st’ at Central St Martins. Weird.

Are people good at art also good at languages? I’m useless at both…

My excuse is I’m a scientist! By the third year of secondary school we had to choose subjects other than the core ones, and it was sciences or arts, with additional languages other than the obligatory French (which was a core subject as well as English) available as alternatives to science subjects, possible to combine with art and music but none of these with sciences. I am useless with languages other than English, however on the arts my ‘block’ doesn’t extend to music.