Artists/Bands you thought would be huge but weren't

The album she recorded with Bernard Butler is also really good.
One of the best singer-songwriters around at the moment and totally underrated.

I think her career has been really hurt by COVID because she is CEV and was advised not to perform live. She had to cancel tours because of this. Fortunately, she is doing some lie shows again.

As for other artists, I thought would be huge but weren’t, a significant number of my LPs, CDs and downloads could be included in my list.

Thought of another - VAST - Visual Audio Sensory Theatre, led by Jon Crosby

A few good albums but has all but disappeared!




Great shout @SimonDC - that first album is great, particularly UFO’s.
Was once playing it in the car, sunroof open and at the peak of the track, the Red Arrows in ‘Diamond Nine’ formation and engines screaming went over on their run into an airshow. Almost religious.

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Saw Mr Big - the UK version - supporting Queen in 1975. Two drummers and led by Dicken. Bought the album, which I still have, and it stands up well today.

Sweet Silence

They added an American guitarist and had a minor hit with ‘Romeo’ then disappeared. Dicken and the bassist formed Broken Home who were also very good but sodly they were killed off by punk.

Broken Home

Both bands had the songs to be huge, it just didn’t happen for them. I believe Dicken continued to be active in the Oxford area but I lost track of his work.

The anchoress: She’s about to release a covers album iirc.


Trees (1969-1971) The Garden of Jane Delawney - which sounds like a folksong, but is original material by Bias Boshell. On the Shore which was a critical but not a commercial success. Psycho-folk. Celia Humphris had a singing career revival with Dodson and Fogg and Tobias Boshell wrote for Kiki Dee. It seems they ran out of money and lost some confidence in the project. All About Eve covered ‘Jane Delawney’ the two remaining members of the band Boshell and David Costa performed with others at Cafe Oto and there is a 50th Anniversary edition with alternatives and out-takes.


Scars. They were a Scottish post punk band. They released a few singles and a solitary album, Author Author, which I think is brilliant. Great songs sung and played with passion.


I love her collaboration with Bernard Butler. She has a quite haunting quality of tone and her song writing is very thoughtful. She joined the Manics on stage at Glastonbury on one of my favourite MSP songs - Yiur Love Alone

What a great thread this is. I’ve been enjoying listening to Julia Fordham much to my surprise.
I already like Calexico and Trees but plenty of unknown to me music to listen to.


I saw her in Dublin in 2008 at the Crawdaddy (corner of Harcourt St) great show and great stage presence.

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Another artist I find does not get enough credit is Suzanne Vega. She basically only has one hit: “Luka”, but her whole catalog is filled with gems.
I really wonder why she is not more regarded than she is.


I have listened to everything she has ever done including the Tom’s Diner Album. :slight_smile:

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Brenda Russell? Probably not in honesyy, some good songs, but a lot of ones which probably don’t stand out that much.

Piano in the Dark was great on Get Here (title track covered by Oleta Adams amongst others), I have the vinyl from circa 1988.

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Suzanne is a top drawer artist, first global hit being Marlene on the wall, her albums never fail.

Up there with Tori.


This sounds excellent:

And to be honest that’s my least favourite album of theirs - best for me is their debut….


It was just the first I clicked on in Qobuz. There were some VAST items from 2022 which are presumably a different outfit altogether (electronica).

This is one of my absolute favorite Albums - killer eastern-influenced psychedelic/space instrumental rock - recorded in a cave at a beach around the corner from where I live… if you like Tool/Porcupine Tree have a listen, sounds amazing with headphones…

The band An Emerald City only did this and one other record and then disappeared…

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I have this album …… loved it to death

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