H all,

Does anyone have experience with Artnovion room treatment products or using their Impulso app? Any feedback appreciated.


Hi Elfer,

I have a couple of Douro diffusers on the wall behind (and between) my speakers. They do a good job, but no experience with any other product, app included.

Thanks Mulberry,

Can I ask if you are happy with the quality of the product and why you chose that particular diffuser ?


yes I think they are fine. Before I went shopping, I read a lot of essays, reviews etc. about room treatment. One dimensional diffusers seemed like the most promising ones for my setup between the speakers and under the beginning roof (see picture). A two dimensional diffuser would have steered to much energy upwards toward the sloping wall, with to many early reflections toward the listening area.

The Douro is relatively lightweight and visually unobtrusive.

Thank you - I am trying to educate myself on the subject and your feedback helps…

Education is always beneficial, I liked the website from the German company bmzc (initials of the owner) a lot. Mr. zur Capellen is a very friendly and knowledgeable person. There is a language barrier to cross, though.

I searched BMZC and came up with a few hits for Zen Centres !

Found it with a search for Capellen but language barrier is a little high for me unfortunately. Lots of good stuff out there but it like most things in this hobby, lots of opposing opinions too…

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