Artwork on ND5XS2

I have tried to search the forum, without success, for the answer to a problem that seems to be following me through life! New streamer, new app, and all my artwork is gone.
I have all my music on an SSD plugged into the back of the ND5SX2, formatted under NTFS, and it can see all the folder and play the music. The artwork is in each folder, as cover.jpg, and at a size under 600x600 as that is the max that my old Bluesound Node 2 could process/display. It worked fine on the Node, but everything is blank on the Naim App. Clearly, there is a fundamental problem but the Naim support pages offer no suggestions. Any clues?

Can you try renaming one of the album covers to folder.jpg and see if this resolves the issue.

Are you viewing the albums in the USB input, or the Server input?

I have the server option set to on, but the home page of the App is showing a USB icon, which takes me to a single ‘rear usb’ folder, and then to the file structure of the USB drive. The good news is that a reboot of everything has brought back art but only when an album is playing. It looks awful, but I guess that 600x600 is not the max that the app can process. Any clues what I can go up to?

Rather than enabling server mode in settings, what I meant was to look in the Server input, as opposed to the USB input, where you will see the same files listed under Local Music. Here, you get to browse by metadata rather than just folders, as you are using a UPnP server.

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