Assaet UPnP version 6.2

Hi, Following the recommendation from NAIM I did purchase the software using the link that was sent to me. I am totally unexperienced. I just instll and tryto listen to the music on my brand new NAIM QS2. goingthrough windows explorer, I copenone udio fine clicking o play/Asser UPnP. on the Asset little window all tracks appeared but I got straight away a x on the reack and a message saying somethingunusual happen.
I am using QOBUZ and it works very well. I suppose I missed a step somewhere to play my Music librry. Thanks foe helping.

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What (where) do you have Music Library stored ??? … that is where you install Asset, if its on your Windows computer, that is where you install it, but it must be the ‘Asset for Windows’ version.
How do you want control it, Smart Phone (iOS or Android) ??? then you need to install the Naim app from the relevant app store.

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as @Mike-B says follow the steps - it should be 6.4 latest release and mine looks like this on m NAS drive

If it is Windows, then its still at R6.2.
The UPnP (NAS) versions are now at R6.6

apologies @Mike-B 6.2 I have just downloaded R6.6 for QNAP

I am trying to see how I can upgrade to 6.6 with Asset

If your Asset R6.2 is loaded on Windows & Windows is your media server, you cannot do this, Windows is limited to R6.2 at the moment.
R6.6 is only available for UPnP applications on NAS servers.

I understand sometime in the future, all Asset versions will align to R7

Thanks but Asset UP 6.2 is the latest, and it is supposed to work on windows 10. I must have missed something in the way I I settle it. Hope to finally get it to work. Thanks for tour reply again

Thanks. Yes I have done all this and I can command through ma IPhone ok.
My desktop is in the server list. Only one of my record is playing ok. I have not understood why yet.

I did notvrealize it is the WMA format which was the problem. Converting to M4A and itworks. Sorry a bit of a slow beginner

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