Asset Browsing Tree/Folder Question

Using Asset for my local files I mostly live out of the Album Artist/[All Album Artists] folder.

Asset UPNP/Album Artist/[All Album Artists]

Is there a way to get this folder positioned at the top of the folder tree?? Just looking for a way to get to this folder a little quicker than having to navigate to the folder manually every time. A shortcut perhaps? I don’t think there is a way but want to check b/c I know there’s some folks here who’ve tweaked their Asset software quite well.

Navigate to the folder using the Naim app.
Create the folder as a playlist.
From the Naim app homepage, hit playlist and your folder will appear.

Edit. It creates a folder with thousands of tracks. :frowning:

Hi ElMarko, yes editing the browse tree is quite easy.
When I say quite easy, it needs you to to learn how to edit the browse tree, Asset instruction have this covered, once you’ve mastered that its very easy.
BTW - What NAS is Asset running on ??

I have mine set out in my preferred order, my most used are at the top of the list and I’ve removed those I don’t use. See pictures

The first picture is my iPad screen view that Asset opens on. touch your choice of logo & it opens the whole list of (e.g.) Album Artist/Album.
The other picture shows the Asset browse tree editing screen to get that opening screen.

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You can customise the browse tree to order as you like.

It’s under advanced settings on my version.

Edit as text is quickest, simply locate and move the menu items you use most to the top.

Thanks, that’s what I was looking for. I wondered what Album/Artist Album meant and never tried it. I should’ve looked at it more closely. I’m glad I asked about it. Much easier now. Thanks so much Mike.

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