Asset Icon Images

Some time ago, one of the members here devised a set of custom images to replace the standard ones in Asset. Does anyone have the link to them, or could point me in the right direction to find them? The searches I’ve attempted are either too wide or too narrow. Thanks.


I think it was Simon?

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@trickydickie @Adrian_P any ideas?

Do you mean this here?

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I have a custom set of icons for Asset 6 & 7. They were generated by one of the members here, who is a Graphical Artist, so they are top notch.
Will upload the directory into Dropbox and post a link.


Perfect! Thanks, Simon.

Here is a link to a folder of the Asset R7 icons

Once installed you just replace the folder in the usr/bin directory
This is how it looks on my RPi

The other icons are the server icon that appears in the Naim App once the Asset UPnP server is selected. In the ‘Asset R7’ folder I have one incorporating the RaspberryPi icon, but in the other directory, I have others in standard Naim green.

Let me know how you get on.

I also have about 1,000 Artist images which can substitute the ‘Upstream Album Artwork’ with a custom image for that Artist.
These go in the working .dBPoweramp folder

Now the Artist names have to exactly match for the substitution to work.
I was doing this, before I committed to Roon - however the latest 1.8 releases have provided some issues, so I am glad I still have the Asset UPnP server as a backup music server for my NDS.

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@GavinB It was me who came up with the alternative set of icon designs for Asset. I still have them - hang fire and later I’ll dig out the updated versions and post a link, as they are buried somewhere on my back up hard drive.


Thanks @simon.pepper and @YetiZone

I plan to use them for Minimserver which also allows customisation of images. (It’s not really customisation as the original images are just plain folders for everything.)

Thanks Gavin - face palm!

So do you have what you were looking for?

Yes, absolutely. With a little renaming I’ve got them working with Minimserver, which now looks so much better :slight_smile:
(Still keen to see YetiZone’s too, though.)

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Gavin, here is the DB link to the folder of the reworked white on black Asset images. I’ll leave it up for a couple of hours, just let me know when you’ve downloaded and I’ll then delete it.

Link: Dropbox - AssetImages - Simplify your life

Have attempted to download them @YetiZone but they all come down as 1kb and give this message when I try to open them:

The files on Dropbox are all less than 1kb in size. Are they corrupt in some way?

Ok, thanks for letting me know - something has definitely gone wrong. I’ll check over this first thing and get the images from the my back up drive. Sincere apologies, I’ll get it up and live tomorrow.

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My ‘new look’ view of Minimserver in the Naim app…


Morning Gavin, try the link in the original post - that should work now.

Thanks, @YetiZone that’s perfect. They’ve downloaded safely. Thanks for going to this trouble.

More than welcome :slight_smile:

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