Asset invalid signature on QNAP NAS

Anyone know a work around for this?

Latest QNAP firmware install appears to have disabled this - easy to reinstate as Suedkiez describes


Plot thickens… …Asset again disabled and greyed out in the App Centre. Had to re “start” it despite the “allow installation of digital applications without a valid digital signature” in Settings still being checked.

Only change is the Firmware upgrade??


you have to check the box that allows apps without a signature to run on the OS. The QNAP OS went to this method several releases back. It’s stupid and a PITA but that’s how you fix it.

Click the gear icon in the QNAP app center.

QNAP updates are a total pain in the arse as they are ridiculously frequent and always irrelevant as well as taking ages. Is there a way of turning them off? I only use the NAS for music storage and Roon.

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I had the same. I just uninstalled Asset 7.4 and then reinstalled it, ticked the digital signature to allow the app. Touch-wood, it all seems to be working fine again. Even responding quicker in the Naim App.:man_shrugging:

Judging by qnaps record I would leave updates turned on

Having restarted Asset in the QNAP Apps, all now seems fine over the last few days - fingers remain firmly crossed!



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The QNAP updates do seem to be frequent but I’ve never had a problem with them aside from the digital signature nonsense.

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