Asset media server sort by year?

Is there a way of using Asset server by under the Artist section to have each album sorted by year of release rather than alphabetical?

If im exploring an artist im not familiar with i want to be able to listen to them in order of release. At the moment ive no idea what is a debut and which is a finale. Logitech Media Server used to do this by default, surely Asset can do it?

There is, but it’s perhaps not the most elegant solution and will probably be quite a bit of work to set up. It requires you to use the Album Sort Tag and you’ll need to put things like 1969 - Abbey Road.

I do this but I’d say I do about 95% of my browsing by Album Artist, and then I want the albums presented chronologically. It’s taken me quite a time to update all the necessary tags. I do it for all albums except Various Artists.

Just use the “Album by release” container under Artist, instead of “Album”. Or just have both.

Sorts in reverse chronological order (and I haven’t found a way to change this) but it is closer to your needs.

The alternative is to use the Year tag and put it into your browse tree. Annoyingly this sorts newest first and the display puts the year in front of the album title (or used to). It also used miss out albums where year was not populated.

i tried that and i lost the “artist” tab in asset to be replaced with “album by release” but all that did was list every album on my NAS by year order which i dont want.

I want to go into an artist tab and see their albums as i do now, just have them ordered by release date rather than alphabetical order

EDIT: found it, It was the second line down to change to album by release and now they are all listed in release order. So much better, thankyou.

I spent ages getting the containers just how I wanted them but it was time well spent.

Now if you ever work out how to get them to display oldest to newest, please post back here !

mine are displaying oldest first to newest?

There is a field with “inv” after it which i assume means inverted. You sure you havent got that one set?

Crikey I’ll have to check tomorrow. Cheers.

Ahh I see that container type was introduced with V7 - I’m still on V6. I went to 7 early on and had a bit of grief playing to the Atom so I went back and haven’t bothered checking since. Might have to do that now. Nice.

How certain are you that this info was accurate. Unless you have checked and amended the metadata yourself, my experience of these dates are that they are often wildly inaccurate or missing. I generally find it easier to go the the artists Wikipaedia page, which nearly always has an accurate discography.

I’ve used Asset’s Dynamic Browsing to sort by date. It’s easy enough, but is it something I use?

It first relies on accurate metadata and that is something that needs managing, as has been mentioned in other posts, it’s often not included or wrong. Then it gets more complicated with remaster, deluxe & other re-releases.
Bottom line is it’s there but not used.

All my music is tagged correctly. I spent a long time a few years ago making sure

Anyone want to show copies of their Asset browse tree?

Asset UpnP Browse Tree … Edit as plain text

Album Artist / Album{no_track_list}
Album Artist / Album\Album
Folders & Filename Browsing
Dynamic Browsing
Dynamic Browsing\Artist{a_to_z}
Dynamic Browsing\Composer{a_to_z}
Dynamic Browsing\Conductor{a_to_z}
Dynamic Browsing\Genre
Dynamic Browsing\Style
Dynamic Browsing\Year
Dynamic Browsing\Rating
New Albums

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I like a simple life :grinning:

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@Mike-B can you explain what the difference is between these two options?

Hi Gavin, no I can’t give you whys’ & wherefores’ (sorry to say) I’m not into 'poota language.
All I know is when I have my browse config set to how I want it, thats what the ‘plain text’ edit page looks like.
The Asset default setting for Album Artist/Album is followed by a +\Album line, I guess that line is that.
I keep a copy of the edit plain text as its a handy way to paste in my preferred settings if ever I needed a new install, & that happened a few times with Asset beta testing
My browse config screen looks like this …

I think the difference is that the first will list albums, but not the contents, whereas the second will show album contents when you tap on the album in whichever app you’re using

I’m just guessing, I haven’t tried it yet as I’m nowhere near my system at the moment.

Thanks. Must just be an odd format of the plain text file.

Mine too.
Took me 15 seconds to sort both Artist and Album Artist into chronological album order by swapping Album with Album by Release.

Wanted it for ages and it was so simple and instant.

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