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I have recently installed Asset (v7.2) onto a QNAP NAS and all went well. The Naim app picked up the server and is displaying everything as expected.

The irratation is that if I (for example) selct Albums from the main screen, it takes me to a page with an alphabet and a asterisk (all artists). When I select the asterisk I then get all the Album thumbnails that I am after. Similar when I select Artist - I first have to go through the A,B,C screen to get to where I want to be. Is there a setting within asset that allows me to bypass the alphabet screen and go stright from Album to Thumbnail?

Any pointers would be much appreciated.

It might be possible to do via the “Edit browse tree” section in the user interface but I’ve never actually tried it.

Perfect - thats solved it. Many thanks.

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You need to edit your browse tree settings … Asset’s default browse tree is very comprehensive, & I don’t know anyone who actually uses it as supplied.

The reason you see the Alphabet & Asterisk screen is because the browse tree for whatever branch you are viewing has A to Z enabled.
What & how you want to set it is a personal preferences thing, but once started on your own preferences its easy enough, although expect to go around the houses a few times.

This is my browse tree, not saying to copy it, but it shows you some clues as to what can be done.

I’ve never touched anything on mine, so I use it as supplied!

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You’re missing all the fun Blythe :wink:

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Very useful. Cheers.

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