Asset UPnP 6.2

A note on my experience with the latest version of Asset UPnP server for QNAP that may be of use to other Asset users on here.

I upgraded to the latest version, 6.2, last night and first impressions are that the speed at which items are retrieved during browsing has been noticeably improved to nearly instant. For reference, my library is around 18,000 tracks across 2,200 “albums”.

I moved off of a UnitiServe to a QNAP TS-453 Pro with 8Gb Ram around 2015 due to the UnitiServe’s handling of artists on compilation albums (which make up around 25% of my collection) and downloaded files, but the browsing speed of Asset on QNAP was never as fast for me as the UnitiServe. The latest update rectifies this for me.


Were you able to find a release note for 6.2 anywhere ? It certainly wasn’t obvious on their website or forum.


Yes, release notes can be found here:


Nice one. Thanks !

Last time I did an asset update all my config and settings were overwritten. :frowning:
Is there a way of stopping that happening when you do the upgrade?

In general Asset UpnP is the best option to me, better than Twonky oder QNAP Music Server on my QNAP :smile:. Yesterday I was thinking the same that the Asset UpnP Server is faster than Twonky on my QNAP. Also I had problems to show all the covers (some covers of albums were missing) in the Naim App.

There is no option to save the settings directly. But you can copy the music tree setting as list to a text file which you can paste after the installation back to this list (please see, you have two options to set the settings of the music tree). I do the same with the ripper settings of dbpoweramp.
And the other settings I would do a screen shot.

I’m talking windows here but you can access the config folder directly via the Configuration Explorer link in the settings. So I’ll back all that up, do the update, copy the config back and see how it goes.

This my experience too …

I have Asset running on a RPi, which now serves as a backup path in case of issues with the Roon and UPnP Bridge to my NDS.

I have been on the 6.2 Betas but moved to the production release last week, as well as a later Linux release on the RPi, and it does seem to be very swift, in terms of the load of all Albums by Album Artist (my default tree), Albums, Artist, Genre, Composer etc.

Nice work by Spoon & Peter at illustrate

Update… backed up the config directory and installed the new version. As predicted settings over written. Restored the backed up config directly. Restarted asset. Now all working correctly… normal service resumed :slight_smile: Excellent programme.

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