Asset UPnP 7.5 Release

FYI - Asset have released update R7.5 for all platforms except Windows

Its fixed a bug in R7.4.
‘Updated “albums defined by folder” logic, default behaviour is again consistent with pre-R7.4’.
Also tweaked & fixed other stuff, see the Asset forum for details


When I used folder view on asset upnp some albums don’t display properly if I was to used m connect the albums display properly any help would be appreciated thanks

Does M connect use folder view or tag view? Most music browsing software is intended to use tags, although some offer the option to browse by folder. If your file and folder names are incorrect, or just different from the tags, that could be what you are seeing.

Both I think mate

For instance if I go into B.B. King folder and I look at the first album, it will just say B.B. King not the whole title mate in m connect it shows the whole title

Have you navigated to the file on a computer and checked the file and folder names there. If you edit them there, it should change what you see in Asset folder view.

Folder view just shows the individual folders titles, and that’s as far as it goes.
Go deeper than the folder level & Asset then reads & shows what’s embedded in each albums metadata.
If the displayed info shows incorrectly at the album selection or album play levels, the error is in the metadata

Thanks very much everyone for your replies

This is the way Naim app shows my folders and then this is the way m connect shows my folders

The folders and files are normally irrelevant if you access the Artist in the Asset tree and then display the Albums for that artist using the track metadata. Surely this would be the normal way to use Asset. @Higgy Do you have issues with your metadata?
My folders (artist) and sub-folders (albums) look pretty similar anyway, and are identical as viewing them using File Explorer, although I never use this method for access.

I agree Paul_C
I just don’t use Folder View, can’t remember the last time.
I invariably go in via Album Artist or Artist, sometimes via Composer or Genre or even more rarely via Dynamic.

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Just checked out MConnect Lite on my old IPhone and it displays the AssetUPnP tree options perfectly @ChrisSU
No need for folder view unless you have serious metadata issues which is a different issue that needs to be fixed.

I tend to use Artist and also have it set to “Albums by Release” which then shows the Artist’s albums in chronological order.

I prefer folder view because I have my music library organised from flac mp3 iTune all my compilations are in different genres I think it’s easier to find the type of music artist you want to play in folder view you no where everything is

I understand, I used to use Synology’s Media Server which is effectively Folder View.
When I moved to Minimserver, and then to Asset, both with Album Artist, Composer, Genre and much much more, that was when I never looked back

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Mixed formats and mixed genres should be fine. Other threads have had metadata issues with ITunes data and missing metadata may be causing confusion.
Again using Folder view should not be a problem if you really prefer it.

Suggest you checkout your metadata as you may have a problem.

Track using Folder/Sub-folder and filenames in AssetUPnP R7.4 (Windows)

Track using Artist, album and track in AssetUPnP R7.4 (Windows)

Basically, same result whichever access method is used.

@Higgy I think the earlier thread is similar/same as yours.

Our advice was to remove your library from Asset.
Create a new blank library and link to Asset.
Initially add two flac albums, Refresh All in the Asset Configuration Utility and check the results.
Suggest you use Artist/Album for access (you can revert later without any addition effort).
Add all your flac albums, Refresh, and recheck.
Then add your mp3 files (or some of them), Refresh and recheck.
And so on etc. You get the idea - step by step

Try to simplify your folder structure as it makes it so much simpler.

Thanks everyone for your suggestions

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