Asset Upnp and Uniti Nova

I am using both an iPad and iPhone, I haven’t upgraded to iOS 15.7 yet.
I can certainly see if the update fixes the issue.

I also just this morning installed the latest OS for the Mac mini

I’m not sure upgrading the iOS will fix it, if anything it might add another issue.
It’s up to you, but maybe your problem is something else.
I would leave upgrading beyond 15.7 & watch the Naim thread for news of a positive outcome with a new iOS update and/or a new Naim app that improves the app functionality.

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Mike I just received an email from NAIM/Focal on a new app coming October 4th. I am assuming it has gone to all owners/subscribers to Focal/NAIM products.

I expect it’s gone to all the people registered on the Naim database.
Problem is it’s not a new app, & it still needs the pending changes to address the UPnP Discovery bug.

When I use asset upnp in folder & filename browsing it doesn’t display the name of the album properly

If you navigate to the folder on a computer you should see the same folder and file names there, and you can edit them there if they are wrong.
This is entirely separate from the metadata which you would usually use to browse music on a server.

Mike I just upgraded to the Asset upnp server 7.5 and I am still having issues with my iOS devices and the Uniti Nova. It’s odd sometimes the NAIM app sees the upnp server and even if it does it does not play the files. Oddly enough it seems to work with the jRiver app.

Hi again, I would be surprised if updating Asset changed anything as there was no changes in the R7 series base program.
Have you updated to iPadOS 16.1.1 yet ? That seems to have helped with a few issues?
My problem is I don’t have the issues reported on forum threads, the only thing I have is what appears to be an intermittent UPnP discovery issue.

Mike -yes I just installed 16.1.1 last night and the problem persists. Based on what I have read in the forums is the problem specific to the NAIM app on iOS devices?. It would be nice to see a feature on the NAIM units where you could control the music via upnp server through the NAIM remote using the Uniti main screen as a guide.

I believe it was an IOS discovery bug that affected a few apps (not just music control apps necessarily). Naim have patched it now and I believe Apple did too in, IOS 16.1.

Out of interest did you rip the music using iTunes, I seemed to have an issue where the tracks had been ripped in joint stereo :-

I had to fudge it by telling asset to re-encode the mp3 files as mp3 files :slight_smile:

I just installed the 16.1.1 version of iOS and the problem persists with the NAIM Uniti Nova but works fine on the Sonos Ones and Denon AVR 4700. What’s going on?

I don’t know. But Naim uses different discovery protocols to some others, so it may be that your setup is blocking those discovery attempts. It would be worth checking that the Naim app is allowed to discover on your local network. This is a privacy setting in your phone. Also it used to be the case that you had to allow location services to be on for the Naim app, not because it uses your location (it doesn’t) but because access to discovery on your WiFi network was regarded by Apple as being a location service. I don’t know whether this is still the case, but it’s something to check (by turning it on if the phone gives you the option for the Naim app).

Yes I ripped the files using iTunes and later JRiver.

Thanks I will check both the settings on my iOS devices.

It’s in both Privacy- Location Services

and also

Privacy- Local Network

That’s in IOS 15.7.1 anyway. I haven’t tried IOS 16.1.1 on my main phone yet. Need to know it’s working properly before I do!

Thanks for pointing me in that direction. I checked and that setting is enabled. 1 more thing to cross off the list.

That’s two separate settings…

Finally got things working it was a not so simple network issue that needs further inspection. Turns out the newly installed mesh network (deco) wifi extenders seemed to have caused the issue. The Nova works fine over wifi but hangs when connected to the Ethernet hub connected to the deco port.