Asset uPnP Flac/ Muso 2 issue

Just installed Asset uPnP 7.4 onto my iMac and it seems the Muso cannot play Flac files.
is there a fix?

Is this your first installation or was it working previously?

I don’t have an answer, but maybe Apple iMac playing FLAC is the problem.
Suggest asking the same question on Asset (dBpoweramp) forum re iMac FLAC compatibility.

Does the Naim app display the files but fail to play them, or simply not show them at all?

It’s an upgrade from 7.2.
It’s used to show all the files but shows none of them except for the mp3 files.

Can you confirm that you can play the lac file on the Mac? Find a Flac file in finder, one click to select it and press space-bar (it wont work in Mac’s Music app)

Hi yes the Mac is playing flac files.

Have you perhaps inadvertently checked the FLAC box in the Exclude Types list in the Options page?

No didn’t do that. The check box isn’t ticked.

Might be worth ticking and unticking that option to see if there’s any resetting that’s done (possibly with a rescan after each change).

Actually I’ve done all that.
Was actually thinking of deleting all previous data and rescanning the lot to see what happens.
Have nothing to lose really.

I have to say that 7.4 is the first Asset release I’ve not been happy with. On upgrading from 7.3 it did change an option setting or two, that was bad enough but easily fixed but the way it handles multi disc albums in not good for me so I’ve gone back to 7.3

Installed on both windows PCs without any issues.
Had an update from the Glasgow mob at the same time resulting in double numbers and causing me to have to unset the Asset track number display but that was not their fault ( I had it set previously in R7.0).


P.S. @c2photo Asset have responded to you.

Putting the track number in the title display was one of the options that 7.4 set that was not of my doing as I had it unchecked in 7.3

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If re-scanning does not work you could try removing the music folders in the configuration. Then add them back to rebuild your library.

I would suggest closing down and rebooting before adding them back again.

Yes I responded to Asset.

So should I hit the delete all data and rescan the folders button?

Presumably you mean all Asset data (and not your music files)? It’ll be interesting to see whether the scanned track and album count is what you expect.
If it is just the Asset data, go for it!

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Given that the asset can see all the folders and it’s the Naim app that is the issue should I not be trying stuff with the app….maybe deleting and reinstall?

In AssetUPnP Configuration utility and the top box Audio Library - remove all the folders and OK it.
This is breaking the association with your files.

Close your machine down.

Restart and add all the folders back under AssetUPnP configuration.
(If you have a very large library it may take a while).

Where are the flac files stored?
Are they on the Mac or some external device?

Calling any other Mac user who has installed R7.4?