Asset UPnP on Linux

Has anyone attempted to install Asset UPnP on a Linux (Ubuntu) pc? It’s a most frustrating experience. Any advice or tips?

You will get the right answer if you post the question on, Spoon or Peter normally respond quickly.

What exactly is frustrating? You don’t provide any detail… steps taken thus far, error messages, version numbers, etc.

Ubuntu is based on Debian Linux, and there are plenty of guides covering installing Asset on that platform. However, provide more information and we’ll try to help as best we can.



Have had Asset on a RPi for nearly 8 years now, and no issues once you got into how to install, fstab entries to mount the NAS file store, setup the watched folders, and the crontab setting to start it following reboot.
I did write an Installation Guide, at the time. Think it is with the custom folder icons in my Dropbox, if you need it.

Care to elaborate? I’m familiar with Ubuntu but put Asset on a CentOS box. Absolutely nothing of note. It just installed on from the RPM. Are you hitting issue with Ubuntu due to lack if RPM manager?

Sorry everyone for the delay in responding and thank you for your offers of help. I’ve gone back to Ubuntu after a nine year break as it’s my preferred OS and always has been. I’ve followed the instructions from their website, firstly using the terminal commands, which didn’t work. I then downloaded the .tar.gz file, decompressed it, and ran from the .sh file as a script. That hasn’t worked properly either. I saw it for a few minutes, then it disappeared.

I am using the latest version, 20.04 on a new machine which was built specifically for Ubuntu and I love it. I note that turning sharing of media files in Ubuntu’s own settings does turn on its own UPnP server and this works fine, however I much prefer Asset because of the way it displays album art at the album level which makes for easier selection.

With regards to package management, RPM isn’t used in Ubuntu as it’s Debian-based. Had the software been offered as a .deb file, I would have been fine but it isn’t offered in that format.


Hi Simon. That would be most useful. The script did have crontab commands in it, meaning there was an attempt to set it to start automatically. However, the linux versions do not include a way of configuring them within the GUI/desktop environment, whereas the Mac version does. Everything has to be done in the terminal which is a bit of a pain to be honest.

Try here

There is the Config Guide, along with a copy of my ‘Tree’ structure, and the custom icons for R6 (as png), and some server icons for inside the Naim App.

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Many thanks, Simon. I’ll take a look later and let you know how I get on.

@simon.pepper I’ve seen the document but it refers to the Raspberry Pi and I didn’t feel very confident about following the instructions, but thank you anyway.

I have found a way through the problem now. I’m using my old MacBook Pro as an Asset server, running Amphetamine with the lid closed. It works perfectly, and it’s great to repurpose that old machine and give it a new lease of life.

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